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Where We Land: Fate & History Collide in Autobiography by Family Member of Aggressive 'Caruso Clan'.

While Dominic Caruso has achieved acclaim as an author, musician, inventor and artist – his success is only the result of bold personal choice. Born into the well-known and talented Italian ‘Caruso Clan’, Dominic’s path in life could have been very different. In ‘Where We Land’, Caruso tells his life story and helps readers acknowledge the true power of faith.


California, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- 1927 was a landmark year for Italy’s loved, feared and respected Caruso clan. Packing up their life in Europe and heading for the United States of America, a fresh start was on the horizon for a group of people who had led a tumultuous past.

One of the first children born in the United States to Francesco ‘Cheech’ and Maria Caruso was Dominic, a now seventy-seven year-old man with one amazing story to tell. Caruso’s entertaining and uplifting story through life is exposed in ‘Where We land: Part One’.


If we survive birth, we all land somewhere. My landing was at 1579 Madison Ave, New York NY 10029 to the talented, gifted and aggressive Caruso clan.

It chronicles my life until I reached a point when fate gave me a choice to make. Continue the same old same old or change my ways....

As the author explains, while his life has been hugely-successful, his family history could have taken him down an entirely different path.

“Coming from the Caruso family, it was expected that I would adopt the rigid lifestyle and belief system of those who lived before me. However, I made a choice in my formative years to not become a part of the ‘clan’ life and carve out my own future. This book tells that story from the day of my birth until that vital point when faith stepped in and gave me a choice,” says Caruso – whose father made international headlines after a killing a Doctor, shortly after the death of his own son.

Continuing, “While I chose a different route in life, I didn’t get there alone. Looking back on the decades of my life, I now acknowledge that there had to be some sort of guidance that I unknowingly followed. To my family, I hope this book is a source of personal guidance. For regular members of the public I hope my story is a thought-provoking journey through choice and consequence. It will make interesting reading for people from all walks of life.”

Early reviews for the book have been positive. For example, DiCippola comments, “Starting life with a nameless birth certificate is only the beginning to this man’s life. Dyslexia marred his life and retarted his growth as a human being and yet he was clever enough to devise a method by which he could write four books. Two of which I have read, so far. You will enjoy the read.”

‘Where We Land: Part One’, published by CreateSpace, is available now: http://amzn.to/1mDk60W.

About the Author: Dominic Caruso
“My name is Dominic Caruso and at seventy-seven years old. I am the youngest and sole surviving son of Francesco ‘Cheech” and Maria Caruso. I am a songwriter, inventor and artist and have completed two years of commercial art and animation training at the Professional Institute of Commercial Art at Reistertown, Maryland.

In July of 2003, I completed the manuscript on “Only Yesterdays”, first released as “No More Tomorrows”. In late 2013 I completed my work on book number two, “This Bitter Earth”, which covers my father growing up at Sicily and eventually coming to America. There is a third book on my father’s early years at New York after entering Ellis Island. Both books are published by www.bookflurry.com.

I am also working on a TV series “Prohibition” that takes place in the roaring twenties 1920-29 at Red Hook Brooklyn, New York and follows my father’s footsteps and associations Until 1927 When the future changed for all members of the Caruso clan.”