Wheretao.com Presents Its Online Store for Shoppers from Across the World

Wheretao.com is a professional shopping agency which hails from China and extends its online store to help the foreigners buy products from Taobao.com.


Chengdu, Sichuan -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2014 -- China has emerged to be a great market which sells a wide range of products from virtually every segment to buyers across the world. Although, the Chinese products have taken the world market by a storm, the problem with language has been a hindrance for many to deal with manufacturers and stores within China. Taobao is one of the C2C ecommerce platforms which gathers a large number of products in millions of categories and present them to the buyers from across the world. It mostly lists down products on offer and operate in the local language. However, with a vast product range to choose from it can become difficult for people to buy the ones they are looking for.

In order to help this need and assist buyers purchase products from taobao.com, wheretao.com has come up with its online portal. Their site is exclusively for the buyers from outside and offer support to choose the best products and offers at taobao.com. Essentially whereTao offers a service as a professional taobao agent to help buyers buy from taobao. WhereTao translates the entire product details which are listed on tabao.com and provides support for purchasing different products. Besides this they also feature latest information and recommend top rated categories as well as products that are featured at tabao.com. Overall foreign buyers can use their services and simplify their search for products which they wish to purchase from China.

The entire team at WhereTao comprises of experienced people who have worked in the ecommerce industry for many years. The basic use of the talent and experience at the company is to offer their suggestions of what to buy and which products are better to buy. Presently the site offers information and translation of over 2 million vendors which offer over 800 million products at taobao.com. These products are offered at affordable costs and are much cheaper when compared to the other developed nations across the world. Being a popular and reliable brand people from around the world can be assured of timely as well as safer delivery.

To know more about their services and how to take benefit from their platform, people can visit their website at http://www.wheretao.com/. The site has been categorised as per different categories and provides a great interface for the users to search and buy their preferred brands and products. The site is offered in more than 25 different languages and caters to people from across the world.

About Wheretao.com
Wheretao.com is an online portal which helps international buyers purchase Chinese products which have been featured at taobao.com. The site is offered in more than 25 different languages and can be used by people to buy Chinese products from any corner of the world.

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