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Which Diet Pills Launches Quiz to Help People Identify the Perfect Diet Pill for Them

Which Diet Pills has created a short but informative test that aims to identify an individual’s specific circumstances, needs and goals to help them find the right diet pill for their lifestyle.


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- Diet pills overwhelmingly claim universal efficacy- that is, they will work perfectly for everyone to help them achieve the results they want. The truth is far from the hype however, and influential figures in the proliferation of diet pills, like celebrity Doctors, have been confronted by a senate committee on the many low quality and ineffective pills touted as miracle weight loss cures. Which Diet Pills helps people find reliable, practical advice and recommended manufacturers, and has now created a short quiz to help people understand what pills will work for them.

The diet pills quiz asks key questions of the taker, including their gender, how much weight they wish to lose, what their chief obstacles to losing weight are, and more important factors to assess an individual’s specific needs.

The results are then taken and tabulated against the specific properties of different approved supplements from reliable manufacturers in order to make recommendations to individuals about what diet pill is likely to be most effective for them. Two recommendations are made, allowing the consumer to make the final choice knowing that each recommendation fits their needs and is from a reputable proven manufacturer.

A spokesperson for WhichDietPills.com explained, “The diet pills quiz has been designed to create a quick and effective way to cut through the hype and get down to what will really work for an individual based on their specific needs. We have thoroughly researched the products we recommend and only recommend solutions from reliable manufacturers, meaning users can be assured they will be recommended safe and effective options. The questions in the test allow us to see objectives, priorities and sensitivities so the best match can be made quickly and effectively. The feedback we have had has been amazing, with many visitors using our recommendations to lose significant amounts of weight.”

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