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Which Home Security System Recommends ADT Alarms


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2012 -- Home security is important to most people. The security of their home is not just for the protection of their property and the safe-keeping of their valuables and possessions, but of their families too. Many insurance policies take into account the presence of a home security system, and so they can end up paying for themselves in the long run with the money consumers save on home insurance.

Which Home Security System is a website launched to promote home security systems and is an authorised agent of ADT Alarms. The business has been creating jobs in the local area due to its success, and much of this is down to the products on offer and the way their website is designed.

To celebrate the success of the website, Which Home Security System has decided to give their customers a reward. By using the website contact sheet, those interested in getting an ADT alarm system can set up a call with Which Home Security System’s service team to select which system will be best for them, and get £50 of M&S vouchers free in the process.

Which Home Security System points out the many advantages of the ADT systems, including keyfobs, panic buttons, decoy bellboxes, movement and door sensors, smoke detection, and even being pet friendly.

The site also features editorialised content aimed at talking through the background and context of alarm systems and the latest innovations, using 24 hour, 365 day monitoring by the ADT systems to ensure that your alarm trigger is dealt with appropriately.

The site talks visitors through the statistics to give them an easy grasp on the realities surrounding the value of ADT home security. A spokesman gave us just a few of these facts, “57% of people who had suffered a burglary experienced difficulty sleeping. Over 50% of the parents said they felt fearful or afraid for their children after a burglary. A Home Office report showed that 84% of burglars avoid homes with an alarm. However, a majority of Britons will ignore a home alarm activation, assuming it to either be in error or someone else’s problem. With ADT monitoring, your alarm activation won’t go unnoticed and will be acted upon. That’s why we recommend them.”

About Us:Which Home Security System: Which Home Security System is an authorised agent of ADT Alarms. Which Home Security System is a trading name of Worldwide Marketing Solutions (UK) Ltd. For more information please visit: