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Which One Are You? Vibrant, Searing New Short Story Collection Warns of Turning from What Is Right

Written by MR. RD, these richly detailed tales are the author’s way of “shocking readers” before they stray down the wrong path.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- MR. RD traveled into the darkest parts of the human psyche to write his new short story collection, ‘Which One Are You?’ but his intention was not to get lost in the grittier side of life. Instead, RD plumbed the depths in order to extend a hand to anyone searching for answers, redemption or faith.

The stories follow over two-dozen different people, as they lie, steal, kill and betray. RD’s use of slang and his in-your-face style bring the characters to stunning life, even as they shoot up or rot in jail. Readers will feel as if they are flies on the wall – taking a peek into the lives of grieving families, drug lords, murderers and those who exist by the code of the street.

“My wish isn’t to reward bad behavior,” says the author. “Although I’m frank about the realities, I did that solely to shock people into seeing that their problems are not always caused by others. The book has a message of hope – to keep from becoming like the characters in the stories.


MR. RD has assembled terse, short stories into a collection of fiction titled, Which One Are You? His book is an instant drop into a bucket of the dark side of society; filled with gang violence, killings, drug dealers, addicts, dysfunctional families and over all antisocial behavior. What he presented is a reality check, or I’ll call it “cultural shock therapy;” as many of us would not even acknowledge this activity, mayhem, gang activity, senseless killing and unconscionable crime exists, even though our evening news is all too eager to present us with the video clips and sound bites.

MR. RD invites people to have an open mind when reading his book. The author realizes that many of the images and stories will disturb or shock – but he believes that is vital in carrying out his message.

“Readers will learn many lessons about family, life, friends, and that we all have choices,” says RD. “I know some of it is quite difficult to read, but that’s life – and that’s the reality for so many people who have chosen the wrong way in life.

About MR. RD
MR. RD was born in Tennessee. RD wrote the book "Which One Are You" in college.

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