The CoasterDad Project

While Many Reality TV Shows Appeal to Lowest Common Denominator, Videos Help Kids Do the Math

Making Reality TV Style Videos Of His Backyard Roller Coaster Projects, Founder Will Pemble Teaches Kids About "Physics, Family, and Fun"


Orinda, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2014 --, a website that promotes science and math education by building backyard roller coasters, is gaining popularity through online videos that document their projects and introduce key concepts related to backyard roller coaster construction.

"We started doing the videos mostly to show distant friends and family our projects. Then, they started catching on," said Will Pemble, founder of "More and more, people are asking for help with backyard roller coaster project, and other backyard science ideas."

The newest project has taken on is a backyard roller coaster attached to a treehouse. The starting point, or station, for the coaster will be built in a treehouse. From there, the ride will consist of roughly 200 feet of track and include exciting features like a helix turn and a pedal powered lift segment. "Backyard projects like this are all about scope creep," says Pemble. "I'll suggest a banked turn, and before you know it, we're designing a helix, a water feature, and on and on. Roller coasters fire the imagination, and we build on that. We engage kids in the physics, math, and project management, and when we're done, the lessons and memories we've given to these families will last a lifetime."

Unlike some reality television, the online videos are positive in nature, and celebrate creativity, collaboration, and the unusual. For many viewers who, for whatever reason, can't build their own backyard roller coasters, brings the experience to them online. Viewers who subscribe to the Youtube Channel also have an opportunity to comment and communicate with Founder, Will Pemble.

"This experience has been, well, like a roller coaster," says Pemble. "Every turn finds more excitement, and brings excitement and joy. It's a privilege to be sharing that with so many people online."

About was founded by Internet Entrepreneur and Consultant Will Pemble. The organization teaches elementary math and science concepts to kids through exciting projects including the design and construction of backyard roller coasters. The CoasterDad Project will take this mission one step further by crowdfunding the creation of a backyard roller coaster for a family who might not otherwise have such an experience.

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