WHISPER Bed Mattress Provides Clean, Cool and Comfortable High-Quality Sleeping Products

WHISPER bed mattress, one of the best mattresses for availing sound sleep, is exclusively available online in Dubai and the UAE.


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2019 -- Good sleep is given much importance worldwide because of its tremendous mental and physical benefits. Insufficient sleep, on the other hand, enhances the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and mental illnesses in humans. WHISPER is a Dubai based company committed to enabling people to experience restful deep night sleep. It is a leading provider of high-quality sleeping products (mattress and pillow), specially designed for providing great sleep. The WHISPER mattress and pillow are the culmination of decades of research and feedback from sleepers around the world who looked for sleeping products that would help them wake up refreshed and recharged.

Providing an insight into WHISPER, the company's spokesperson stated, "WHISPER's creation initiated over thirty years ago when a small family textile business in Europe started its search for the most advanced materials for creating exceptional sleeping products. The goal was to create a product that can enable people to sleep well and wake up reenergized. After decades of research and development, WHISPER mattress and pillow were created using high-tech fabrics, technology and breakthrough foams. Our sleeping products are superior but we offer them at a price that is equally accessible to a CEO as well as an assistant."

A variety of features and qualities make WHISPER mattress one of the best mattresses meant for providing great sleep. It is a unique mattress, which adjusts to the sleeper's DNA for providing the deserved and desired comfort. People can unzip its top, flip the DNA core and choose soft or firm, whichever suits them the best. The mattress has been designed to give targeted support that helps keep the spine aligned and its highly sensitive and responsive Quantum foam layer improves blood circulation and cradles pressure points for providing pressure relief. Additionally, WHISPER mattress comes with two separate DNA cores so that sleeping partners can adjust their own side independently of one another.

The spokesperson added, "Electronics kept in the room, such as TVs, phones and computers, emit harmful electromagnetic (EMF) waves that interfere with our brain waves and prevent us from getting deep restful sleep. Our WHISPER mattress boasts a special feature, the Silver Shield, which enables people to sleep protected as it prevents EMF waves from entering the sleeping area. To activate the Silver Shield, you simply have to attach the grounding cable to the mattress and plug it into an outlet next to your bed to create an invisible shield."

WHISPER mattress can be an ideal choice for those who wish to buy mattress in Dubai that is capable of making them healthy and happy by enhancing their sleep quality. In addition, it can be a perfect choice for those seeking bed mattress in Dubai that can help them sleep cool in Dubai heat. This is because the mattress boasts a thermo regulating fabric, air channel ventilation, open cell adaptive foam and it is breathable.

WHISPER is a leading provider of high-quality yet competitively priced sleeping products. Over the period, it has evolved as a sought-after choice for those who want to buy bed mattress in UAE and Dubai that makes sleeping cool, clean and comfortable.

Contact Information:
Company : WHISPER
Address: Deep Sleep Home Furniture Trading LLC
Showroom 12, Plot 598-617,
PO BOX 28845
Dubai Investment Park First,
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Phone - +971 4 884 0100, +971 50 391 8846
Email - service@WHISPER-sleep.ae
Web - www.WHISPER-sleep.ae