WHISPER Mattress Enhances Sleep Quality and Overall Health

WHISPER is a unique mattress designed for providing good, restful night sleep, which, in turn, helps enhance overall health.


Dubai, UAE - (SBWIRE) -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/22/2019 -- WHISPER is renowned for rolling out extraordinary sleeping products, including mattress and pillow. They are different and unique mainly because of their creation and design, which helps enhance the sleep quality of sleepers. Those sleeping on the regular mattresses often complain about not waking up fully refreshed or waking up with backache and other discomforts. However, such is not the case with people who choose to sleep on the revolutionary WHISPER mattress. The credit goes to this mattress's special design and high-quality products that have been used in its making.

WHISPER's spokesperson in an interview stated, "A good restful sleep night after night is crucial for our mental and physical health. Sleep-deprived people are more susceptible to developing various health issues. Despite being aware of this, many choose not to take sleep seriously and then suffer its side effects. We at WHISPER strive to prevent people from the bad effects of disturbed or poor-quality sleep. This is the reason why we have created unmatched sleeping products, which aren't only about providing comfort but many health benefits also."

WHISPER mattress has been designed for providing the utmost comfort to sleepers. To ensure that sleeping partners can sleep without disturbing one another, the company has provided two separate DNA cores to each mattress. Sleepers can adjust them as per their requirement without disturbing the sleeping partner even a bit. Additionally, they can flip the mattresses upside down whenever they feel like switching from a firm side on top to soft and vice-versa. After sleeping on this magical mattress, people are certain to wake up thoroughly refreshed and recharged every morning. Out of the many benefits that better sleep has, some well-known benefits include an increase in concentration levels, the immune system's strength and reduction of stress levels.

The spokesperson added, "Our WHISPER mattress has become quite popular for its ability to make sleepers sleep clean and cool. Our mattress is woven with silver yarn, which naturally ionizes and prevents bacteria, dust mites and foul smell, allowing sleepers to sleep clean. The open cell adaptive foam and air channel ventilation, on the other hand, allow heat and sweat to escape. Therefore, sleepers can enjoy good and cool night sleep in the hot Dubai nights. There is another feature that is unique and widely liked about WHISPER mattress. It is that the mattress helps people to sleep protected, as it stops the harmful electromagnetic waves produced by electric devices from entering the sleeping area."

Those seeking the best bed mattress in Dubai can consider WHISPER to be a reliable choice. To ensure customer satisfaction, the company offers a free trial for 100 nights. Buyers can continue using the mattress for this long and can return the same if they don't find it fully satisfying. WHISPER then picks up the products for free and gives a full refund.

WHISPER is a popular provider of sleeping products that help people sleep well and enjoy the best of physical and mental health. WHISPER mattress is indeed the best mattress in UAE.

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