Whisper Offering Hygienic, Comfortable, EMF Resistant Mattresses at Competitive Prices

Whisper, one of the leading sleep system brands on the market, is offering hygienic, comfortable and EMF resistant mattresses at affordable prices in the UAE.


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2019 -- Whisper is helping people to sleep healthy and wake up refreshed and reenergized for their next adventure. Whisper is manufacturing and marketing mattresses and pillows featuring the next generation fabrics, foam and technology, developed through years of R&D and feedback from professional sleepers. The sleep systems are hygienic, comfortable, EMF resistant, sleep protected, and ideal for use on any surface - floor, box spring, slatted foundation or an adjustable bed frame. Plus, they are easy on the pocket due to the company's commitment to ensuring good sleep for all.

The spokesperson at Whisper recently stated, "An average human spends one third of his life sleeping. Sleep is no wastage of time but a way to allow the body to recover from the day's fatigue, keep stress at bay, increase energy levels and strengthen immunity. When stakes are this high, it's advisable to be careful with the choice of mattress and pillows. After all, they are integral to getting a sound sleep. At Whisper, we create cutting edge sleep systems that exceed the industry standards in safety, quality and performance but come at an affordable price point."

Whisper sleep systems feature Quantum foam that adapts to the shape of the body and supports all key pressure points for providing a cool and comfortable sleep. Unlike traditional memory foam, Quantum foam is an open cell foam that offers a passageway to heat and sweat with several ventilation channels. The fabric is thermo-regulating, keeping the sleeper cool in summers and warm during winters. Much like the foam, the fabric is also breathable, providing optimal ventilation throughout the sleep duration. Besides temperature control, the sleep systems deliver the highest levels of hygiene, thanks to the fabric being woven with silver yarn.

On the hygiene aspect, the spokesperson further stated, "Our drive for healthy sleeping led us to use real silver in our sleep systems. Silver is a natural ionizer, effective in warding off bacteria, dust mites and bad smells. With 99.99% protection from hazards, the sleeper can steer clear of allergies, congestion and other conditions. No glue has been used in the production process to prevent any dust and mite build up across the sleep system. Plus, our offerings are washable to provide a higher level of safety. The user needs to unzip the fabric, wash it at home with a mild detergent and leave it to dry in sunlight."

The Whisper mattress also incorporates the Silver Shield to discourage the penetration of EMF waves into the sleeping area. The system includes a grounding cable, which has to be plugged to the nearby outlet for complete protection against the dangerous EMF waves emanating from TVs, phones, and computers. The best quality mattress is backed by a post-purchase 100 nights trail offer for risk free buying. In case, the buyer is dissatisfied with the mattress for any reason, the company will arrange to pick it back up, donate it to a local charity or recycle it.

About Whisper
Whisper is a top-rated sleep systems company, offering the best mattress in UAE. Thanks to a competitive pricing, the company is a safe bet for buyers seeking the best cheap mattress in Dubai.

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