WHISPER Offers Ergonomically Designed Bed Mattress and Pillow Online


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2019 -- The importance of quality sleeping time can never be underestimated, and WHISPER has taken it upon themselves to be the solution provider for sleeping products in Dubai. Drawing from decades of active research that has always been guided by the sharpest brains in the industry, the company has developed the ultimate mattress and pillow for the modern individual. WHISPER is the proud store that offers a DNA adjusting mattress which guarantees the ultimate comfort everybody deserves.

Speaking on why everyone must put to account their sleeping schedules, the Company Spokesperson said, "The fast-paced nature of today's living has resulted to most of us focusing on accomplishing their projects and goals while not giving enough emphasis to factors that have an impact on our health. It is a well-known fact that sleep has a direct effect on our physical and mental health which makes it a vital activity which we can never do without. Since there are a number of factors that go hand-in-hand with sleeping problems, we are giving you the basic items required to eliminate any problems when looking to have the much-needed rest."

The primary concern for anyone who stays in Dubai is the city's heat given its location which is primarily a desert and proximity to the ocean. WHISPER has taken this to account and is giving their clients a bed mattress in Dubai that allows them to stay cool despite the ever high temperatures. The high tech fabric used for the manufacture of the mattresses is self-thermo-regulating which enables it to remain cool at all times.

Talking on how sleep discomforts can be avoided in the UAE, the Company Spokesperson said, "The first step to having and maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is working in creating the right ambiance in your bedroom. It is natural that our bodies are extra sensitive to external stimuli and that is why it becomes hard to have a good sleep while in a car, train, or plane. A primary item required to be of an excellent build is the bed mattress in UAE that you sleep on as it determines how comfortable you will be each night. We give you a mattress with a super soft cover which will set the mood right for deep and restful sleep."

In the pursuit for the best mattress in Dubai, WHISPER comes as the answer to all needs through their top of the line productions. The ergonomic design of the mattresses perfectly suits everyone as it aligns the user's spine and cradles all pressure points for stress-free sleeping. WHISPER has their mattresses suited for the whole family with an extra plus for children who need to sleep for longer hours for better growth and development.

WHISPER is bringing the ultra-luxurious touch that is expected of Dubai right to the bedrooms of all residents of the United Arab Emirates through their silver shield protected, self-cleaning, and thermo-regulating mattresses.

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