Whisper Romance, Appreciation with Silk Dresses, Jackets, Robes and Kimonos

Silk: associated with elegance, grandeur and tradition usually has a price-tag to match. However, KimonoandSilk Thai & Chinese Clothing says that authentic, quality silk designs can be affordable.


Chongwen, Beijing -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- With most people thinking love, romance and devotion in February, silk clothing is a timeless gift that murmurs devotion. The look, the feel, the elegance associated with silk clothing is timeless, says the KimonoandSilk Web site. Recently there has been an increased interest in silk clothing probably influenced by the popularity of blockbuster movies and Asian actors like Jackie Chan, Jet-Li and Zhang Ziyi.

Whatever has grown the silk clothing resurgence, silk dresses, silk jackets, silk robes and kimono robes, both ling and short, are in high demand. Modern silk designs and fashions have made themselves a solid place also as silk becomes more floaty and flirty.

From the traditional silk cheongsam dress of ancient oriental royalty with is long-slimming flow to the silk short kimono, silk shouts touch me! Silk jackets can dress up any outfit from the office to the late-night party. Couple the silk jacket with a contrasting knee-length skirt for the more professional look. Or try a uniquely contoured silk jacket with a long, flowing skirt or pants for the more formal, dressed-up for an elegant night look.

Silk dresses can be traditionally opaque and embroidered to light and see-through, creating the signature look for the particular wearer. As mentioned earlier, the column look of the cheongsam silk dress flatters any form if carefully fitted. The traditional choice of royals, it still adds a regal air to any wearer.

The 21st century flounces and designed interest of silk dresses show the fabrics’ versatility.

Silk kimonos and robes offer the intimacy often associated with this soft and lush fabric. The cloth’s smoothness accentuates the material’s touchability that has made it so traditionally popular.

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KimonoandSilk, established in 2008, offers quality Asian-specialty clothing for those who enjoy dressing in the finest materials and workmanship. KimonoandSilk stocks both the traditional and fashions with a modern twist.

From the historic “Cheongsam”, “Qipaos” or long dress” worn by royal women to a cloud of frou-frou silk that is kicky and flirty, Kimonoandsilk has styles and colors for every taste.

By locating the company’s operations China’s center, Kimonoandsilk finds the best of the locally produced 100 percent pure silk clothing to offer their customers.