Project Camelot

Project Camelot Presents: Awake & Aware 2013 April 5th-7th in Glendale, CA


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2013 -- Project Camelot, a leading alternative media website for whistleblower testimony from above top secret, is pleased to announce our 3rd “Awake & Aware” Conference April 5th -7th, 2013 at the Embassy Suites in Glendale, CA.

After 7 years of providing the public with cutting edge testimony from Project Camelot witnesses, authors and researchers as well as contactees, this year we decided to venture into uncharted territory.

Awake & Aware 2013: Time Travel & Other Worlds is very likely the first conference of its kind to bring together scientists, researchers and whistleblowers with experience working in above top secret black projects dealing with Time Travel.

This year’s speakers will be talking about time travel using worm holes and highly classified “jump rooms” to travel to Mars, the Moon and other planets. They will talk about the extensive evidence for underground bases containing cities connected by high speed maglev trains. We are talking about a Secret Space program operating under cover of secrecy that is going Interstellar and terra-forming other planets. These speakers will talk about how the Secret Government travels by using zero point energy and hyper dimensional physics to negotiate reality in ways we have only dreamed of.

This special 3 day event will include stimulating lectures, workshops, panel discussions and meet and greet opportunities you won’t want to miss. Speakers included Richard C. Hoagland, former NASA consultant, Best-selling author, David Wilcock, former Lawrence Livermore Labs scientist and whistleblower Henry Deacon AKA Arthur Neumann, BASHAR, time traveler from the future, channeled by Darryl Anka, Kerry Cassidy, Co-Founder & CEO of Project Camelot, Anthony Sanchez, author of UFO Highway and upcoming PROJECT LEONID and many more…

You do not want to miss this conference!

Tickets can be purchased through the website: Early bird pricing and discounted room rates are available for a limited time only. For sponsorship and vendor opportunities download the sponsor brochure at: