Against All Odds, Whistler Naturals Proudly Launches 100% Natural Skin Care Products

Locally manufactured using a highly unique probiotic based preservative that is actually good for skin.


Whistler, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/08/2012 -- At a time when many cosmetics companies are greening their labels, but not the actual ingredients on the inside, a new company from Whistler, BC, emerges with a skin care line made with a unique probiotic based preservative that is actually good for you.

Natural is the new go-to word that consumers across North America are looking for on the labels of their personal care products. But it is a little known fact that "Natural" has a very different meaning to manufacturers and often only means changing one well known toxic ingredients (i.e. parabens) for other lesser known, but just as toxic, alternatives. According to the results of a recent online survey conducted by the Dr. David Suzuki Foundation, four out of five of the (12,500) products entered in the survey contained at least one ingredient with suspected links to environmental or health problems — including cancer, reproductive disorders, asthma and severe allergies.

Recognizing this growing trend of "smoke and mirrors" advertizing, Whistler Naturals set out to create a fully transparent skin care line that was actually good for you. With natural and organic based ingredients like Avocado, Spinach, Carrot, along with active botanical cosmecuticals like amino acids and proteins, it is easy to see how Whistler Naturals’ non-traditional, eco- and vegan-friendly skincare blends are formulated to improve your skin.  

"Initially," explains co-owner Lisa McGregor, "we didn't even want to put even the words 'Paraben free' on our labels because to us personally, this was often a red flag that the manufacturer had taken out only parabens, being the key toxic word-of-the-day, but the remaining ingredients were still garbage. We wanted customers to concentrate on what was in our products and not what wasn't (in them)."

So, the owners at Whistler Naturals, set out to find the best natural and organic ingredients that, when combined, worked together for incredible results, including extra hydration, age combating, reducing acne, and calming allergic/sensitive skin. "We were incredibly lucky to unearth an exceptional probiotic based preservative that actually helps to maintain the natural harmony of your skin." Says owner Christie Angeloni, "Probiotics are well documented to be good for your insides and we immediately saw the incredible benefits of using them in skin care as well."

As their numbers person, Lisa McGregor has been challenged with keeping their costs down, "Because the good-for-you raw ingredients are quite expensive to source, we keep an extra close eye on every cent to maintain our low price point." Positioning their prices within reach of the average consumer is one of the tenet foundations of the Whistler Naturals' business model. Therefore, they are determined to continue producing the very best quality products without the huge markups typically enjoyed by the cosmetics industry.

About Whistler Naturals
For more information please visit Whistler Naturals have their products available to purchase online and are currently in various retail locations throughout North America.