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Whitby Private Mortgage Lender Announces It's "Bad Credit Loan Program"


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2016 -- now has a "Bad Credit Loan Program" for homeowners in the Whitby area. This program is designed for homeowners that have bad credit or poor credit. Private mortgage lenders understand that a credit score is only one aspect of a person's financial story. Many people have a low credit score due to missed payments on various credit cards. The lower your credit score the harder it becomes to get a loan or mortgage. If your credit rating is low the major Canadian banks can refuse to give you a new mortgage or car loan. In addition to this Canada mortgage and housing will not insure your home mortgage because you have bad credit.

In contrast, private lenders base their lending decision on factors such as the equity in the property, income and the reason for getting the mortgage. Therefore a private mortgage lender can approve your mortgage application even if you have a bad credit score. Most private lenders only have a few mortgages and the borrower can contact the lender directly.

This is where Mortgage Broker Store's new Bad Credit Loan Program can help a home owner. Mortgage Broker Store connects people with bad credit and private lenders willing to lend to those people. The goal is to help people keep their homes and improve their credit score so that our clients can get a low interest mortgage in the near future.

Ronald Alphonso, (President of Mortgage Broker Store)  stated that "the bad credit loan program is designed to help people get a mortgage and advise people on how to improve their credit score". We have helped many people in the Pickering, Ajax, Whitby and Oshawa area.

If you have bad credit or have any questions regarding the Bad Credit Loan Program, please email or call 416-499-2122.

About Ronald Alphonso
Ronald Alphonso is a mortgage broker, licence number M11001286.

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Ronald Alphonso
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