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White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes Coupon Announced by E-CIG Ready


Hollywood, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2013 -- White Cloud is announcing a 15% discount for their electronic cigarette starter kits. White Cloud is one of the more recognizable names in electronic cigarettes in the US and the new 15% off White Cloud coupon is designed to promote their line of starter kits for electronic cigarettes. The White Cloud e-cigs are designed to be an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The White Cloud e cig cartomizers are roughly the same size, shape and color of traditional tobacco cigarettes. However, instead of tobacco, the cartomizer contains a rechargeable battery, heating element and flavor liquid that may contain nicotine, but none of the carcinogens of tobacco. When the smoker pulls in on the While Cloud e-cig, the heating element changes the liquid flavor into water vapor which is then drawn into the lungs. Because there is no tobacco present, this product is permitted to be used in most public places.

The 15% off White Cloud Cigarettes coupon applies to starter kits offered by White Cloud. A typical starter kit consists of a recharging unit, cartomizers and a rechargeable battery. A supply of flavor liquids comes with the starter kit and all the products can be ordered individually from White Cloud.

The White Cloud Electronic Cigarette is designed to be an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes and many people choose this product because of its avoidance of carcinogens or to quit smoking altogether. In either case, new flavor liquid can be ordered with various levels of nicotine or no nicotine at all. For more information on the 15% discount for White Cloud e-cig starter kits, visit E-CIG Ready.

Jennifer Laughlin
Hollywood, CA