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White Dress Films Now Offers Many Types of Wedding Videos

This Hertfordshire based professional videographer now offers more types of wedding coverage to choose from.


Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2015 -- Over the course of the past few years, wedding videos have changed their appearance almost unrecognisably. Now, videos can be produced that wouldn't look at all out of place on the big screen in Hollywood, alongside stunning pictures and A-List stars. This is due to both modern advances in technology and also filming styles and techniques, and it means that White Dress Films' clients are able to get a wedding video to be treasured forever.

A mixture of videos and stills

Some moments are best caught on camera, and others look best viewed as they were live on the big day itself. There are certain shots that clients will want to include in their video, despite the fact that they are stills, and White Dress Films are able to incorporate these into the movie with skill and ease.

An introductory trailer

Everybody enjoys watching film trailers, and there is no reason that this should be any different for a wedding video. The wedding video trailer should include some of the best and captivating moments of the footage, which will leave guests looking forward to seeing the whole thing, but it shouldn't give everything away – meaning that there will be plenty of surprises still to come when they finally get the chance to view the video in its entirety. This trailer could be used to post online to show to people who didn't attend the actual wedding, or to thank people who had sent gifts.


Nobody likes to be taken too seriously, not even on their wedding day, and this is why it is a great idea to add an outtakes reel onto the end of a wedding video. White Dress Films can put this together from the footage collected on the day to include some wonderful yet slightly imperfect moments that will leave family and friends with smiles on their faces.

Telling the whole story

Instead of the traditional wedding day video that shows what happened moment by moment, White Dress Films offers its clients the chance to make something more of the footage that is collected. Why not add some drama into the recording by setting the scene and really telling the story? Guests could be given a personality to turn them into key characters in the video, and use various filming techniques to transform the whole thing into something much more interesting.

White Dress Films can work together with their clients to create exactly what they're looking for, and can use filming techniques and that all-important soundtrack to piece together the lasting memory of the special day.

Take away memories that last a lifetime

Although of course a wedding day will always be remembered, the wedding video is there to cement those tiny, intricate details that may otherwise gradually fade from view.

White Dress Films are passionate about giving couples the gift of forever – something to hold in their hands and hearts for as long as they both shall live.

White Dress Films ensure that each wedding video will hold great importance in the years to come, so making sure that it's perfect for each client is vital.

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