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Folkestone, Kent -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/24/2012 -- Oftentimes, and evermore in the present economy, consumers are finding it hard to make ends meet and can unexpectedly discover they have come up short on their finances, even where major bills like utilities and mortgages are concerned. Sometimes, there is no other option to take out a loan, yet in these risk-averse times, applying for and getting a loan approved can be a long and arduous process. White Loans aim to save consumers from this potential disaster.

When it comes to a choice between taking a loan and losing a home, most consumers know which they would prefer, and White Loans looks to take as much of the pressure out of applying for a loan as possible. In a crisis, this simple, effective methodology has proven invaluable to consumers.

Using a simple slider system, users can select the amount they wish to borrow from a hundred to a thousand pounds, and how long they’ll need it for, from one to thirty days. A rate is then confirmed and a credit check made. If approved, the money can be transferred instantly into the users account and they use the funds immediately.

The site is colourful, inviting and easy to use. It displays its unique selling points in easy to read plain English, explaining that there is no need for phone calls or faxes, with no hidden fees, poor credit accepted and takes only a minute to apply. Its priority on taking the difficulty out of getting access to ready cash is clear, and evidenced by the blog featuring high quality articles on the political and economic landscape of payday loans, giving users realistic expectations about what they’re doing.

A spokesperson was eager to dismiss fears, “We’re operating a life-line service. We know that more and more often people are finding themselves in desperate situations, and we give them the chance to give themselves some much needed breathing space. The loan is a serious commitment and of course defaulting comes with consequences, but we’ve found our clients have needed the service in extraordinary circumstances, and have used it like the life line it is, effectively and appropriately.”

About White Loans
White Loans specialise in providing short term credit solutions for customers in a hurry. Instant payday loans are available online – 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For more information please visit: http://www.whiteloans.co.uk