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White-Miller Associates Implements Dividend Based Equity Strategy


Hong Kong -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2013 -- White-Miller Associates announced that after extensive research it has developed a new, alpha-generating investment process that draws on the global dividend-paying universe. Named the Dividend Yield and Growth Strategy, it seeks to provide an attractive and rising income while still growing real capital value over time.

After closely analyzing the characteristics of this universe during the past two years, White-Miller Associates said it has constructed models to identify those companies best able to sustain and raise their dividends, and to eliminate those most likely to cut their payout. Using these models, the firm carried out portfolio simulations for the strategy that showed a total return ahead of traditional cap-weighted indices.

Ross Jow Senior Vice President and Head of Marketing at White-Miller Associates, commented on the new strategy: “We believe it will have particular appeal to institutional investors that have historically required regular cash from their portfolio. We also understand that investors have different preferences regarding the balance between capital and income, and we are able to manage portfolios tailored to particular investor requirements in that respect.”

White-Miller Associates specializes in active global and international equity strategies as well as emerging markets fixed income. The company managed assets for many of the world’s leading institutions. White-Miller Associates’ investment team applies a disciplined framework to the broadest possible investment universe. Drawing on proprietary factors and techniques using data covering over 40,000 investment opportunities in more than 60 markets worldwide, the firm focuses its extensive research capabilities on developing customized investment management strategies for its clients.

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