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White Mountain Process Announces Availability of New Line of Specialized Mixers

New mixers are designed to outperform conventional options for the mixing of drilling fluids, deliver greater efficiency and reliability than was previously possible, White Mountain Process reports


Sturbridge, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2014 -- White Mountain Process, a leading designer and producer of industrial mixing equipment, announced the availability of several new products targeted at the petroleum industry. The new mixing devices are especially well-suited to the mixing of drilling fluids and drilling mud, substances that are crucial in the creation of new petroleum wells. White Mountain Process produces a wide variety of custom-made and off-the-shelf mixers, blenders, and agitators, providing them to customers in industries as varied as food and beverage production, industrial manufacturing, and bio-pharmaceutical research.

"We're always working on new designs and products here at White Mountain Process," company representative Kelly Nashawaty said, "and the new mixers we have just unveiled are a product of this ongoing drive. These specialized tools will do a better job of mixing drilling fluids for our clients than any that have been available before." As the drill bit on a drilling rig penetrates through layers of earth and rock, it creates loose waste product that must be removed if the bore hole is to be made deeper. Specially engineered drilling fluids are used to convey this waste to the surface, cooling and lubricating drilling equipment within the well at the same time. The new mixers just unveiled by White Mountain Process are especially well-suited to quickly and effectively mixing any of a variety of custom drilling fluid formulations, a fact which will increase the efficiency of drilling projects that are equipped with them.

In addition to providing such specialized equipment, White Mountain Process also designs and produces a variety of the world's most reliable, cost-effective, and efficient mixing tools of other sorts. white mountain process tote mixers are attached directly to the storage tanks that many industrial chemicals, dyes, and other liquid products are shipped in, allowing for easy and convenient mixing without the need to transfer them to other vessels. white mountain process sanitary mixers are used by many of the world's top producers of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, as well as in similar kinds of production where being able to easily and thoroughly sanitize mixers to high standards of cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Another of the company's major product categories, the mixing tanks described at http://wmprocess.com/mixing-tanks, are used in a variety of permanent installations and portable forms by clients across a wide range of industries.

"Our new drilling-fluid-focused mixers are available now to our clients," Nashawaty finished, "and learning more is as easy as visiting our website or calling for a quote." Those needing any kind of mixing equipment, whether of custom design or based on an existing one, can find out more about White Mountain Process's offerings at the company's website, where each of its products is extensively detailed. Prospective customers may also schedule free consultations there, as well as read through a library of material covering a variety of mixing-related topics and a company blog that delves into especially timely topics of similar relevance.

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One of the world's leading designers and producers of a wide variety of mixing equipment and tanks, White Mountain Process is a privately held company that was founded in 2006. Based in Massachusetts, the company serves clients around the world from a wide variety of industries.