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White Mountain Process Unveils Industrial Mixing Options

Industrial mixers aren't just for huge factories anymore, WmProcess.com reports


Sturbridge, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- Many people are used to products ranging from paint to pills, but don't put much thought into how those things are created. At White Mountain Process, however, the "hows" of mixing compounds are foremost in mind. The company makes mixers that can handle all sorts of products and materials at this stage of production.

"Some of our most notable machines are the White Mountain Process sanitary mixers," said Kelly Nashawaty of White Mountain Process. "These mixers are used to make pharmaceuticals, supplements, cosmetics, and other items that require the mixture to remain free of germs, metal filings, and other types of contamination. There are two main types of sanitary mixers: Top-feed and bottom-feed. The bottom-feeding ones take new material in from the bottom and provide a stronger mixing power. They're also easier to keep sanitary. However, some products need the lower power of a top-feeder. This isn't a problem because a proper match between material type and machine will avoid contamination."

Another type of mixer is best used by customers who need to move their equipment around. White Mountain Process tote mixers look like big plastic bins, but do far more than just hold materials. "A mixing auger is inserted through the top of a tote mixer once it's in position, " Nashawaty explained. "This allows customers to do mixing at construction sites and in other places where a permanent setup is either impossible or undesirable. Tote mixers are also great for customers who need to temporarily add more capacity to a factory that usually uses permanent systems. When the big order is complete, the extra mixers can be stored until the next time they are needed."

As time has gone on, the availabilty of different mixer types has only increased. Small options allow companies to produce supplements, custom paints, or other items on a small-batch basis. This is much different from a few decades ago, when a person with an idea would have to find financing for a huge factory before being able to put their formula into production. Even so, the options found at http://wmprocess.com/mixing-tanks show that White Mountain Process isn't just for new or small-batch operators. They have plenty of high-volume mixing equipment that allows large companies to make as much of a compound as is needed in a speedy way.

"We do our best to cover all common industrial mixing needs," Nashawaty said. "Along with our sanitary and tote mixers, we also have machines that handle viscous fluids like paint and specialized lubricants. We also offer many sizes to serve companies whether they are very small or quite large."

About White Mountain Process
White Mountain Process is a manufacturer of industrial mixers that can take care of all sorts of requirements. Whether a company is making a product like paint or something as sensitive as pharmaceuticals, the right mixing machine can be found at White Mountain Process.