Bububase - Whiteboard Animation Services to Help Small Businesses Get the Best Conversions Online


Laurel, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- Many small businesses online today are soon quick to realize that just having a website doesn’t ultimately guarantee sales; they need traffic (visitors) to their sites and they need to convert that traffic to customers and sales. But to achieve this is no mere feat- it usually involves a lot of skill and money; however, thanks to Bububase and their Whiteboard Animation Services, business owners now have not only a proven way to increase online conversion rates, but a more affordable alternative to the highly expensive video creation tools and services in the market today.

Bububase claims that their video scribing service is far more than just an affordable alternative; they create hand drawn animations based on proven scientific advertising which increases conversion rates by 60% -75% for their clients’ businesses online.

On why he thought there was a need for such a service, after all, not all websites need videos and surely it’s far easier to create a video using just PowerPoint; Paul Peters, CEO of Bububase, said that it is certainly true that one can have a profitable website without necessarily having a video in it, but video sales letters have proven to double, sometimes even triple conversions for many businesses that have tried to incorporate it into their marketing.

As a small business marketer, turning website visitors into customers for their clients’ businesses was a problem; they got the traffic but conversions were very low, and their clients were not happy. They found out, however, that videos embedded in some of their clients’ websites converted far better than those without videos but the problem was getting high quality videos that will get the job done.

According to Paul, “PowerPoint slide videos have now become boring to consumers, and other video creation tools and services actually cost up to thousands of dollars. We discovered that people prefer to watch whiteboard video presentations online, but we needed a way to create them fast without our clients paying exorbitant fees. So we got into the trenches ourselves and learned the skills to create hand drawn animations that would help our clients get the best conversions possible”

Paul says that Bububase.com is a website that provides whiteboard animation services to small businesses across the globe. According to him, their vision is to bring businesses to life with engaging, uplifting hand drawn animations. Tried and tested, these videos create a professional image, they create interest and they create sales.

He concludes that if a business is struggling to convert traffic to sales, and needs an effective yet affordable solution; their Whiteboard Animation Services might be just what they need.

For sample whiteboard videos and more information on how to make any business look brilliant, please visit the site that achieves results at: http://www.bububase.com

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