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Whitehouse Landscaping Now Offering Fall Cleanups


Pine Forge, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2014 -- Many think that since the leaves are falling and their lush gardens are disappearing that there is nothing left for them to do until spring. There are plenty of things that need to done before calling it quits for the year. With the right preparation, the garden will survive the winter ready to thrive come spring. In an effort to help gardens weather the winter better, Whitehouse Landscaping is now offering fall cleanups.

One of the most obvious and important services included in any fall cleanup is the removal of leaves. If left unattended, the wet foliage will suffocate the plants and grass. Another reason it is important to remove the leaves is to maintain a healthy lawn and garden. The damp and dark environment the foliage would create is an ideal habitat for the growth of many plant diseases. Once the leaves have been collected, the homeowner can use them as a great source of compost.

Next, Whitehouse Landscaping will clear out weeds and old annuals to prevent overcrowding during the spring and summer. After the garden beds are cleared, their professionals will put down a layer of mulch. The mulch will maintain the quality of soil throughout the winter, providing the plants with a nourishing environment when the warmer weather arrives. It will also protect the perennials from the frost.

The company will do a final mow before putting down a layer of fertilizer. Fertilizing the lawn in the fall offers two main benefits. It will replenish the grass with nutrients it lost during the heat of the summer. The fertilizer will also work to maintain the health of the roots throughout the winter.

Now is the time to start preparing the garden for the winter to ensure the best possible living conditions for plants come spring. To learn more about Whitehouse Landscaping and all of their services, visit their website today.

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