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Whitehouse Landscaping Now Offering Landscape Maintenance for Summer 2014


Pine Forge, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2014 -- Whitehouse Landscaping is now offering Landscape Maintenance for summer 2014. Homeowners love the summer when their lawns finally come back to life after the long, harsh winter. Keep properties looking their best this summer with landscaping in Limerick, PA and throughout Montgomery County.

Whitehouse Landscaping help their clients maintain attractive homes in all seasons by offering a variety of outdoor services. Basic care includes mowing, mulching, and edging. Coming home from a long day of work is all the more relaxing when coming home to a neatly manicured lawn with clean a sidewalk and driveway. Mulching helps plants grow to their full potential. Keeping plants well-fed and healthy will allow them to survive and thrive all season long. Edging can help the homeowner’s most prominent plants stand out proudly for all visitors and passersby to see.

Whitehouse Landscaping handles all levels of plant care, also offering corrective pruning to achieve proper shaping of all types of plants. Because the company offers year-round maintenance, they will even plant flowers periodically throughout the year to reflect seasonal colors. They make sure plants are always in style so the cool plants won’t make fun of them.

One of the key features of landscaping services from Whitehouse Landscaping is their unique Organic Lawn Care approach. Minimizing use of potentially harmful chemicals, their technicians gently nurture healthy soil and use gradual fertilization and weeding techniques to allow lawns to thrive naturally.

For more information on Landscape Maintenance, Personal Gardening Service, and Patio Design in Pottstown, PA, visit Whitehouse Landscaping online or call 610-674-0790.

About Whitehouse Landscaping
Whitehouse Landscaping is a full-service, family-owned landscaping company located in Boyertown, PA. With extensive industry certifications, Whitehouse Landscaping has many regular customers in the area. They specialize in safe, environmentally friendly landscaping practices and work the natural flora of the lawn to cultivate a healthy, vibrant appearance.

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