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Whitehouse Landscaping Now Offering Lawn Fertilization Services for Spring 2014


Pine Forge, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/11/2014 -- Whitehouse Landscaping is now offering lawn fertilization services for spring 2014. This is the time of year to make sure lawns are well fertilized to prevent healthy grass growth. The company’s sustainable methods provide a safe and efficient approach to fertilization, saving homeowners money and easing environmental concerns. Using the organic soil stimulant Holganix, Whitehouse Landscaping creates thriving lawns that are safe for families and the environment.

Holganix creates a more efficient and healthy lawn in several ways. By supplementing the existing mineral nutrients in soil, Holganix reduces the need for watering, fertilizer, and pesticides, as well as phosphates and nitrates. Naturally balance the pH of soil and rest assured the lawn is safe for kids and pets.

Whitehouse Landscaping’s landscape design in Royersford, PA and throughout Montgomery County includes visits in early spring, late spring, summer, early fall, and late fall for regular maintenance. During these seasonal visits, Whitehouse Landscaping lawn experts will reapply Holganix and crabgrass pre-emergent several times, as well as slow-release fertilizer to treat the lawn over time. They will also perform micro-spot weed and broadleaf control.

The above organic methods will keep most insect and weed problems in check, there is still sometimes a need for non-organic treatments. When it comes to infestations of insects, disease, or weeds, Whitehouse Landscaping believes in using non-organic products only when necessary and in select, targeted areas, as opposed to the industry practice of “blanket treatments” that can harm environments and the people and animals in them.

Homeowners will know their lawns are in good hands with the landscapers and patio pavers in Limerick, PA. For more information on Whitehouse Landscaping visit them online or call 610-674-0790.

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Whitehouse Landscaping is a full-service, family-owned landscaping company located in Boyertown, PA. With extensive industry certifications, Whitehouse Landscaping has many regular customers in the area. They specialize in safe, environmentally friendly landscaping practices and work the natural flora of the lawn to cultivate a healthy, vibrant appearance.

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