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Whitehouse Landscaping Offers Fall Leaf Removal and Garden Clearings


Pine Forge, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2015 -- Sad though it may be, summer is rapidly coming to a close and taking with it such seasonal scenes as neighborhood barbeques, daytime swims and lushly green foliage. Grills can be packed up and pools closed, but when it comes to leaves falling from the trees, cleanup is unfortunately not so quick or easy – yet can cause many issues to a garden in the spring if not properly cleared in the fall. Whitehouse Landscaping, landscapers in Boyertown and surrounding regions, has announced that it is able to provide fall yard-clearing services to ensure the future health of clients' gardens.

When dead leaves are allowed to accumulate, and old plants and weeds are left where they are during the fall and winter seasons, the effect can be deadly for lawns and carefully-manicured gardens. While clients may assume that the nutrients from these sources will return to the soil, it's more likely that they will actually suffocate the plants beneath them, leading to patchy lawns and poor regrowth of perennials. Whitehouse Landscaping is available to both remove these leaves and other dead plant material, and place them into a true compost system that will later provide a rich source of nutrition for growing plants in the spring.

The company is also available to provide fall fertilization of lawns, after completing a final mow of the lawn. This has the dual effect of both replenishing nutrients that were leeched from grass and dirt by the strong summer sunshine, as well as maintaining the health of roots that lie dormant during the cold winter season.

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