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Whitening Products Market Analysis, Growth, Trends & Forecast 2018-2024: HUL, Procter and Gamble, Beiersdorf, Clarins, Jolen, Emami, Shiseido, CavinKare

Whitening Products Market – Global Trends, Application Development Potential, Competitive Market Share and Forecast, 2024


Sellbyville, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2019 -- The Whitening Products Market is highly competitive, due to the escalating demand of Whitening Products in the female market on the other hand the teeth whitening market is up surging due to increased demand for cosmetic dentistry, the consumption of Tabaco, tea etc. can severely discolor the teeth. Youngsters are willing to look fairer and for that they are opting for different types of cosmetics including Whitening Products, teeth whitening, sunscreen, body soap, body wash. Vendors in the market are expanding their business in terms of product differentiation, quality and pricing.

Key players in Whitening Products Market are HUL, Procter and Gamble, Beiersdorf AG, Clarins SA, Jolen.Inc, Emami Ltd, Shiseido Company Limited, CavinKare Pvt. Ltd. These are the companies which are holding the major share in Whitening Products Market.

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Asia Pacific led by India, japan and china is the fastest growing Whitening Products Market. India's obsession towards fair skin has escalated this market. Japan is the largest market worldwide for Whitening Products. Women in japan spent more on Whitening Products than any other country. In Asia pacific fair skin is associated with beauty.

Middle East is also witnessing huge demand for Whitening Products Market due to traditional association of fair tones as beauty enhancement. The rise in the standard of living, economic growth, and increase in the per capita income are the factors which are driving demand in the Middle East.

United Kingdom is another region which is witnessing growth in Whitening Products Market due to expansion of ethnic communities has accelerated the market.

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Whitening Products Market size grown substantially at a healthy rate. The industry is not only limited to women, men are equally responsible for the growth of the market. Personal grooming is gaining popularity. Not only skin teeth whitening has also become a major market. The driver which are driving this market is the popularity of whitening products in both the genders. Men are not ashamed of be called as Metrosexual. There is a change in the consumer habits in last few years and companies are emphasizing on social media to lure consumers. The other drivers are growing preference for natural skin lighting products, desire for fairer skin tone. Increase in demand for cosmetic dentistry.

With high popularity the industry also faces some challenges. The side effects of these products are the major reason which has affected the market. The over use of mercury and hydroquinone can lead to severe side effect on skin and carbamide paraoxide for teeth whitening. According to WHO, excessive use of Whitening Products can lead to skin and liver cancer. The companies are catering the customers, but with lot of risk.

The whitening products market is being segmented as organic, natural and conventional. The sales channel includes retailers, wholesalers and online purchase. The products reach to the end consumers through hypermarket, supermarket. Face cream and Body lotion are two different segment in Whitening Products Market. Face Stream includes skin brightening, anti-aging, sun protection.

Whitening products market has faced strict regulations. Ghana, one of the three African countries has protested against the Whitening Products. Whereas it is already banned in Japan, Australia and European Union.

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The pricing in Whitening Products Market is highly associated with the brand and advertising of the product. Marketing mix also plays a very important role in the Whitening Products Market. Marketing mix includes the product, place of availability, price and the promotion schemes. The promotion and advertising involves the celebrity brand ambassadors who are promoting the brand and the product. The consumer buying behavior also plays a significant role in the market. According to the survey conducted it was analyzed that the Whitening Products are largely used by the men in comparison of the females.

The supply chain of Whitening Products Market starts from the manufacturers of the product, followed by the retailers, wholesalers and finally to the end consumers. Some parts of logistics plays a very essential part in the Whitening Products Market. All the key players of the market focus on best packaging and design of their products. In the Whitening Products the main attraction for the consumer is the packaging of the product. The players of the market are demanding for boosting supply chain efficiency with product and its design.