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WhiteTeethWhiteningKits.co.uk Offers Dentists Opportunity for New Source of Revenue for 2016


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/20/2016 -- WhiteTeethWhiteningKits, a retailer and wholesaler of EU teeth whitening products had announced an opportunity for dentists' offices to increase revenue in 2016.

Teeth whitening is an $11 billion industry and is predicted to continue to grow over the next decade. Driving sales of teeth whitening products is an almost universal belief that having a whiter smile is an asset to men and women of all ages. Consumer surveys indicate that more than 98 per cent of people think that a white smile is beneficial to a person and that having an attractive smile helps people succeed in professional settings and in relationships.

For dentists, teeth whitening is a profitable service. As the number one cosmetic dentistry service in the world, teeth whitening is in demand. Dentists who begin to offer teeth whitening treatments and products can increase their market share, attract new patients and differentiate themselves from competitors.

Dentists who wish to begin offering teeth whitening services or to sell teeth whitening products in 2016 will find everything needed to begin at http://www.whiteteethwhiteningkits.co.uk. The online store sells wholesale professional grade teeth whitening gels that can be used for treatments as well as all of the dental accessories and equipment needed to perform in-office services. Additionally, the store sells wholesale teeth whitening kits that can be sold to patients for maintaining whitening results or for safely performing teeth whitening treatments at home.

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Trade customers of WhiteTeethWhiteningKits.co.uk can enjoy discounts for bulk orders. The online retailer offers free shipping to the UK and low cost shipping to destinations anywhere else in the world.

For more information about the trade whitening supplies available at WhiteTeethWhiteningKits.co.uk, visit or contact WhiteTeethWhiteningKits.co.uk by phone at 07972851625 or by email at sharron@whiteteethwhiteningkits.co.uk