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Diet Doc's Clean Eating Diet Plans Incorporate the Smart Nutritional Concepts of the Whole 30 Diet Plans

While Diet Doc supports the smart nutritional concepts of the Whole 30 diet plans, the company goes a step further and provides their patients with clean eating diet plans that incorporate personalized service and support throughout


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- While the Whole 30 diet claims to be a route for improved health and NOT a weight loss program, their concept has been making a recent splash in the headlines. The Whole 30 protocol consists of helping dieters cleanse their system of harmful and fattening carbohydrates and high calorie, sugar laden foods, for improved health and, inevitable weight loss. Potential dieters can find printable instructions, a Do’s and Don’ts food list, as well as a shopping list on the internet. Step one of the Whole 30 plan recommends organizing a support team of close family and friends. Because any form of sugar or artificial sweeteners is strictly forbidden, it is imperative that dieters read all labels to find the secret hidden ingredients in their foods. Lastly, the Whole 30 diet attempts to remove the psychological components of dieting and encourages dieters to pack their scales away for a full 30 days to focus entirely on cleansing the system by eliminating unhealthy foods.

While Diet Doc supports and respects the smart nutritional concepts of the Whole 30 diet plan, they recognize the need for personal support to ensure that their patients do not become confused and discouraged when they encounter hidden roadblocks tempting them to abandon their weight loss goals. In-house surveys indicate that Diet Doc patients are so successful because they begin their journey with a support team already in place. This staff of specially trained weight loss experts personally guide each patient throughout their journey and are always available via phone or email to answer questions, offer suggestions or simply to lend their unlimited support, guidance and encouragement.

Patients will first meet their Diet Doc physician via an online consultation. Health history, current medical conditions, lifestyle and past weight loss attempts will be discussed. The entire system will be assessed to uncover the real reason for weight gain. Improperly functioning organs, hormonal imbalances and cellular toxicity will be identified and addressed during the consult.

Next, patients will work with Diet Doc’s certified nutritionists who realize the importance of teaching patients which foods are appropriate for a clean eating diet plan. Clean eating diet plans will be tailored that are considerate of the doctor’s findings, the patient’s age, gender, lifestyle and food preferences. Because these nutritionists are highly trained in the most effective methods for safely losing weight, patients will be able to see fat melting from the hard to reach areas within days of beginning their clean eating diet plan.

While all patients will qualify for a personalized clean eating diet plan, many may desire to speed the rate at which they shed excess fat. These patients will receive a prescription for exclusive appetite controlling and fat burning diet aids. Because all Diet Doc products are developed in fully licensed, United States based pharmacies, clients can feel confident that they are receiving only the highest quality of ingredients and will begin seeing immediate results upon utilizing their supplements. And, because these body fat burning diet treatments work seamlessly with the patient’s clean eating diet plan, clients will find that they will be able to consume healthy, low calorie foods without struggling with unnecessary cravings or the temptation to overeat.

Diet Doc understands that people in America are eager to find a clean eating diet plan that helps them reach their weight management goals without risking their health. For this reason, Diet Doc created their body fat eliminating programs to provide their clients with a safe and easy road to reaching their ideal weight.

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