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Whole Body Vibration Machine Expert Edifies the Reason Behind Sonic WBV Machines' Superiority


Morganville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/30/2015 -- Passive exercise for weight loss may not be a novel idea, however, the increasing interest as of late in the idea of working out while not really exercising has brought the concept back into the limelight. Among the various forms of passive exercise techniques available in the fitness industry today, Whole Body Vibration technique is one of the most popular with many variants of the Whole Body Vibration Machines that vary by the technology under play, users are finding themselves confused about effectiveness and benefits of the different variants. Expert Fred Jones recently talked about the differences in each type and explained why Sonic Whole Body Vibration Machine Technology is superior.

"Among the several whole body vibration technologies that are available today, the sonic technology is easily the most effective one for most people. Standing heads and shoulders above the five competing technologies, namely the linear, pivotal, oscillating, spiral and tri-planar vibration technologies, sonic is clearly the most health-friendly vibration technologies that are available today. Some leading brands, such as Turbo Sonic / Sonic Life, bring these machines to the market. However, the price of these machines is a lot higher compared to other machines." Jones writes.

The main question which Jones seeks to answer is why sonic WBV machines are priced at the high end of the price spectrum? He explains that one of the reasons for the higher price compared to other technologies is the sonic technology's capability to deliver vibrations on a much lower and higher frequency which makes them more effective at providing the different health benefits. These machines also provide better control allowing users to control the frequency at a step of 1 Hz.

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