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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2014 -- The troubled economy has seen individuals and business owners struggle, trying to find a solution to achieve profits to move the business forward. Unfortunately, due to the lack of professional guidance, business owners, network marketers and entrepreneurs looking to achieve success are failing.

Deborah Bishop a leading wealth coach steps out to bring a message of whole wealth to the world with the idea that it is possible to create change on a global level when enough people have created change within themselves.

Her signature system, Whole Wealth Breakthrough, has already changed the lives of hundreds of people as it dares to stir the emotional pot and expose hidden patterns brought on from long past and forgotten circumstances that are now on autopilot, driving the bus and living in the land of "I don't know."

According to Deborah, the most unconscious, dysfunctional and commitment relationship of a person’s life is to money!

“Believe it or not, money is the one thing everyone has to deal with, and everyone has strong feelings about and yet this is the relationship that is never discussed or acknowledged and in most cases is a taboo subject.” The Wealth Coach explained.

Discovering Deborah’s message and methodology has proven to bring not only change to her clients, audiences and groups but also answers.

She explains: “If you truly want to have a different result, doing things differently is a must, however if you don’t have an answer for why you do things in a certain way in the first place, doing it differently is nearly impossible. And finding the answer to what a person does not know is exactly what happens when they walk through each carefully designed step of their breakthrough system.”

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Whole Wealth Breakthrough aims to help people achieve their goals in life, removes the negative future and exchanging it for a positive future.

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