Wholesale Clearance and Overstocks Trading Company Announces New and Safer Ordering


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2013 -- finally announced their long awaited brand new order processing and payment processing system.

It has been some time now since we last heard from – the online marketplace and network trading overstocks, bankrupt stock, liquidation stock and wholesale clearance products.

So what’s the hot news ?

For those who do not know, the website started few years ago trading overstocks online. If you are a retailer, liquidator or a wholesaler and/or you have overstocks for sale, bankrupt stock, liquidated stock, closeouts, excess stock or just doing a warehouse sale, then you must join the website as there are plenty of opportunities for becoming a high turnover seller.

The website is visited by thousands of buyers every single day. Buyers searching for the biggest clearance bargains to buy in bulk. And if you’re not fast enough, you may as well miss the clearance sale currently going on !

Completely free to join the marketplace and list any closeouts and clearance stock offers for sale.

The website doesn’t charge the buyers for browsing the wholesale deals like other competition websites do. No membership fees either, just a simple rule that proved to work the best – “ No Sale, No Fee ! “

Overstocks and wholesale clearance has been their thing for years now, but finding the best payment processing system to compliment the successful online marketplace was extra tough. For the last few months the website creators worked specially on the overall security of the marketplace, security of its users and payment transactions that go through the clearance marketplace.

For those who don’t know how exactly the payment processing system works, it is quite simple, but very effective.

Once the buyer places the purchase order, the website sends out an invoice and collects the payment. The payment is then held on the company’s secure holding accounts. The seller gets paid once the buyer confirms the receipt of delivery.

This system successfully managed to minimize even an intention of fraud. In other words, nobody can get scammed !

For this to work however, it is quite important that both buyer and seller follow the website’s rules and not trying to complete their sale outside the marketplace in order to save few quid on our fees.

This is not safe, not recommended and definitely not allowed.

Overstocks, bankrupt stock, wholesale clearance, liquidation sales and closeouts, has a lot to offer, as their name already suggests. really is the biggest clearance. A strong and powerful platform filled up with the best deals and daily clearance bargains from consumer electronics, refurbished electronics, wholesale clothing, cars accessories and fashion wholesale to toys, sport tools or DIY tools, attracting thousands of customers in a single day.

The company is now planning other positive changes to the clearance marketplace and further exciting development.

In fact it is already in the oven and should be ready to fly out to the public very soon. But for now, this may stay a secret for a little longer.

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