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Wholesale Direct Introducing a Rich Variety of Disposable Coffee Cups and Lids

Wholesale Direct is now providing premium-quality yet affordable takeaway food packaging products, including disposable coffee cups and lids that are available separately in bulk.


Kemps Creek, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/25/2019 -- Wholesale Direct is a leading supplier of a large range of foodservice, packaging and washroom products to restaurants, hotels, cafes, takeaway shops, fast food outlets, and clubs and pubs. The supplier provides bulk supplies of more than 315 lines of products. On its secure online platform, customers can shop for a variety of restaurant supplies, including docket books, napkins, tablecloths, doyleys, drinking straws, portion cups, and food wraps. They can also find items like carry bags, garbage bags, gloves, hot cups, register rolls, and cleaning chemicals.

While attending a hotel's event held recently, the spokesperson of Wholesale Direct shared, "Customers can easily get food-grade packaging products and restaurant supplies with us at wholesale rates, yet receiving the highest product quality. From Merino napkins to Solo cups, we carry it all from the best brands. Additionally, we provide a vast variety. We cater to the needs of foodservice businesses of all types and sizes. We have even introduced takeaway food packaging products for relevant businesses."

Wholesale Direct now provides a wide range of coffee takeaway cups and disposable lids. These cups are available in many colors, styles, and textures. The supplier offers corrugated paper coffee cups that have a heat barrier, ensuring that the cup is cool to hold and does not burn the user's hand. The advanced design of its ripple wave paper coffee cups also means that the cup retains heat so that the beverage stays hot. Wholesale Direct has such paper coffee cups available in black and brown colors.

The spokesperson further asserted, "Our coffee takeaway cups come with lids that we sell separately. For different cups, we have different types of lids too. While we carry black or white lids for sippers, we also have perfectly fitting lids for paper coffee cups that prevent spillages. Our coffee cup lids are usually available in a carton with 1,000 lids. On the other hand, our customers may get coffee cups in cartons with 500 cups or 1,000 cups each. We deliver our products Australia-wide with unlimited flat rate shipping."

For customers needing disposable coffee cups with lids in bulk , Wholesale Direct provides a vast selection, from new S ripple-wall corrugated red cups to single-wall white cups. The white cups have a modest, sophisticated appearance that is adaptable to varied settings and decor. These are also perfect for printing or attaching a label. Wholesale Direct has a Fast Shop option, under which it does a fast and convenient stock replenishment for its restaurants supplies online.

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Wholesale Direct offers a vast range of premium-quality food service and packaging products to the food and hospitality industries. From plastic cutlery to coffee takeaway cups in bulk, customers can get them all on the online shop of Wholesale Direct. The supplier also carries the BioPak biodegradable range of products that include hot cups and cold cups, cup trays, cutlery, and food packaging. Wholesale Direct stocks products from all major brands. These products are now available at wholesale prices to even smaller restaurants, cafes, and takeaway joints.

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