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Putian, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- For many, selling on eBay is a great way to augment the income they earn from their regular jobs. In fact, some people have become so successful that trading online has become their bread-and-butter rather than an additional source of cash. There are many ways to become an eBay success ¨C all that's needed is the right information. helps the aspiring entrepreneur by publishing guides on sourcing and marketing on eBay, including the following tips on how to earn a profit from wholesale fashion handbags.

1. Turn a profit on high margins or on high quantity. Fashion handbags are always in demand, but there are two effective ways to cash in on the need for pretty bags. Sellers can either sell a few items with a high markup, or sell cheap but sell large quantities. Both approaches work with wholesale fashion handbags ¨C a seller can choose to market each bag as a precious commodity, or make the low price the most attractive selling point and look to make several sales.

2. Keep an eye on the other sellers. Competition is a big factor in any kind of marketplace, so in order to make money from wholesale fashion handbags, it's necessary to see what other sellers are doing. It's a good idea to explore eBay and check out other handbag dealers. It's a must to know whether the same product is available elsewhere on the site for a lower price. If this is the case, then a price adjustment has to be made.

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3. Sell the bags with other products. Customers love bargains, and selling other products in a package deal or giving them as freebies is a great way to create buzz around fashion handbags. Complementary products that are actually inexpensive are very effective for drawing customers in while maintaining a profit margin. Some cheap giveaways ideas would be bag charms, novelty zipper pulls, or even handy purse holders and bag organizers.

4. Keep customers happy. This is a no-brainer, but it's not as easy as it sounds. Obviously, the best way to delight the customer is to keep a fresh, exciting inventory of goods. If the product is top quality, then the customers will come. However, when dealing in wholesale handbags it's also necessary to be attentive to each customer by providing such little touches as extra reference photos, insurance, forwarding shipping details, and even responding promptly to any inquiries.

5. Promotions. With wholesale handbags there's a nice, comfortable margin for promotions and special offers to excite customers. A sale never fails to make ladies want to buy, even if a promotion or sale of one kind or the other is constantly going on.

These tips on how to market handbags are only some of the ways in which advises its readers regarding making money on eBay.

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