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Putian, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a way to find out what items would sell best on eBay and why? Finding the hottest sellers on eBay as well as the reasons for their success would be very helpful for the hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs out there who would like to develop a thriving business on the famous auction site. Luckily, is available to cater to this need; the site now provides these reasons why wholesale shopping bags are a big hit.

1. Shopping bags are extremely useful. Anyone who deals in wholesale shopping bags has a big chance of turning a profit simply because these bags are extremely functional. Everyone goes shopping, whether to buy groceries, garments, or even toys. Shopping bags are a product that both men and women find useful, although there might be a tendency for women to be more interested in them since they are traditionally given the roles of buying necessities for the home.

Shopping bags are so useful that it has become common practice for people to carry them folded inside their regular handbags on a daily basis. This way the shopping bags are already at hand in case of an impromptu shopping trip to the supermarket or a spur of the moment decision to go saving money, or simply to buy a few fashionable indulgences at the nearest shopping mall.

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2. Shopping bags are a green solution. These days, many people are aware of the dizzyingly huge problem that the overuse of plastic bags presents. A single person can easily use up as many as five plastic bags in a day, a number that grows to frightening proportions when multiplied by the number of people in the world who use plastic.

In a concerted effort to help save other earth, many shops now encourage their patrons to use shopping bags in order to cut down on the number of non-biodegradable plastic bags that are discarded each day and end up adding to the garbage problem. These shops often offer incentives, such as small discounts or freebies to people who have reusable shopping bags at hand, making it a good idea to buy wholesale shopping bags to re-sell on eBay.

3. Other sellers use shopping bags. eBay is a pretty big marketplace where sellers become buyers and vice versa. This makes it the best place to market shopping bags ┬ĘC there are many sellers who would appreciate light, sturdy shopping bags that they can include as freebies with their products or perhaps as packaging when they ship their goods to their clients

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