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Putian, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2013 -- A lot of people feel the need to augment their income by selling items on eBay. For many, success with online selling is a result of finding a fast-moving item that they know a lot about. That's why it's a good idea to gain a certain amount of knowledge about a product before selling. provides many helpful guides about what's in demand on eBay; for instance, here is some information on what buyers find attractive when it comes to wholesale tote bags.

1. Totes made from canvas. These tote bags are relatively easy to source; they are easily made and even more easily purchased in bulk. Canvas totes are very easy to sell because they've got a lot of good points, from classic material to versatile styles and the added bonus of being environment-friendly.

Lots of people favour canvas tote bags when they want a bag that goes with everything. Canvas gives a very cool and artistic vibe; it is certainly a big favourite with the bohemian set, and is bound to become even more popular now that many hippie styles such as palazzo pants and maxi skirts are coming into vogue. Whether in its natural off-white state or dyed a variety of bright colors, a canvas tote is a girl's best friend. It is great for shopping, as well as for casual trips or running errands. It is even a great bag for teens and young girls because it is very easy to clean and can carry anything, including toys, books, and other essentials.

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2. Totes made of leather. A lot of wholesalers manufacture wholesale tote bags in leather, mainly because a leather tote is often a mainstay of a working girl's wardrobe. According to, the leather tote is another item that's quickly snapped up on eBay. A leather tote goes easily from business to leisure, and even from day to night, making it a favourite with women who would like to get the most value for their money. And thanks to the amazing variety of leather totes available from wholesalers, it shouldn't be too difficult for an enterprising eBay seller to catch the buyers' fancies.

3. Totes with a personal touch. If there is something that people never tire of, it is personalized items. The tote bag is one of the best items to personalize because it has space for whatever text, graphics, or event trim that a prospective buyer would want on his or her bag. Totes are also simple in design, thus allowing for fun eccentric prints to liven them up and make them memorable accessories. Indeed, if a would-be seller is thinking of going into business with personalized totes or handcrafted variants, then he should not hesitate to do so.

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