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Wholesale Voice Termination Provider CommPeak Announces Short Duration/Dialer Termination Service


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2012 -- CommPeak Ltd. has announced today its brand-new dialer / short duration termination service for call and contact centers in need of high call volume with short duration tolerance and capabilities.

CommPeak has identified the growing global demand for a reliable auto-dialer and short duration termination service among call and contact centers, since dialer traffic is often regarded as commercially inexpedient by major carriers. CommPeak views this lack of accommodation as a valuable opportunity.

The short duration and dialer termination solution by CommPeak offers an industry leading easy integration process in addition to unlimited capacity, and tailored rate decks while utilizing CommPeak’s well-renowned voice network infrastructure. Above all, CommPeak understands the need of call centers worldwide to keep their dialer traffic costs at a minimum. Therefore, CommPeak is committed to extremely affordable rates from start to finish.

“We’re happy to offer a specific voice termination service that so many call centers need, but the big carrier companies fail to provide,” says CommPeak’s CEO, Guy. “In addition to offering a much needed service, it was also important to us to make it affordable and easily manageable to the companies who need and use it.”

The company’s purposefully built dedicated network, carrier-grade technology and partnerships with leading global ensure that the company is always up to the task of supporting heavy loads of auto-dialer traffic. The short duration/dialer termination service adds up to the company’s existing services of VoIP termination, origination, toll-free DIDs, wholesale SMS and more.

About CommPeak
CommPeak is a leading global provider of wholesale voice termination and origination services to businesses big and small seeking to gain a premium international reach at an incredibly low cost. The company’s extensive network of international telecom partners and strategically placed infrastructure allows them to offer a reliable, professional service along with class leading call quality regardless of customers’ location, that of their clients or any connected party in-between. The CommPeak team comprises of IT and VoIP experts who have gained years of experience in the associated technologies and practices of the VoIP industry. To learn more on CommPeak’s wide range of services, visit their VoIP termination website at http://www.commpeak.com/.