Towel Depot Inc

Wholesale Wash Cloths Supplier Begins Campaign to Motels and Hotels


Rochester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/12/2013 -- The ongoing need of hospitality establishments for bath towels is the basis for a new campaign to supply area motels and hotels with fine wholesale wash cloths and related materials, according to the online textile manufacturing and distribution firm the Towel Depot. The company and website is offering economy institutional wash cloths in bulk quantities consisting of 100% cotton terry towels of various sizes and weight. The campaign announced it is particularly focused on regions where tourism and vacation traffic is larger or growing, which the site projects there would be a greater demand for their premium wash cloths.

The site notes there is a huge turnover for wash cloths in motels and hotels that necessitate the facilities find wholesale suppliers, as towels wear out from frequent use, or are taken home as souvenirs by guests, reports the site. Usage of the cloths are also high medical offices, farms, clubs and fitness centers, among other known high-volume venues. ”Washcloths are not for eternity and need to be discarded frequently and care must be taken while disposing them,” states industry observer Arun Kumar S, who stresses both the functional need for them and the sanitary importance of their use, adding they are “a handy piece used in almost all places, were hygiene and cleanliness the primary requirement.”

The Towel Depot sees a need for its factory direct, wholesale price inventory of textile materials for those establishments that require large lot quantities, or specialty branded towel stock on their premises. The company states it continues to provide interactive and live customer service in engaging facilities who are making orders, in addition to the speed of purchase offered by their Internet portal. It advises its three major distribution centers in New York, California and Florida provide enough coverage to meet the needs of establishments across the continental United States.

The site currently accepts all major credit cards including Google Wallet, in either case offering online shipping via a secure connection. The campaign is currently rolling out to motels and hotels nationally, including related industries such as bed-and-breakfast and hospice businesses. Among the reasons the firm states for companies to consider its services are that it has over 40 years of history in the manufacture and distribution of its textiles, offer competitive pricing and quality in its wash cloths, and features a superior range of supplies and products.