Wholesale2b Announces New Dropship on Amazon Plan to Online Entrepreneurs


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2014 -- Answering every question associated with how to run a successful store on Amazon.com Wholesale2b celebrates the launch of their latest dropship solution for entrepreneurs with their sights set on ample sales without ever having to actually touch the product themselves. Simplifying the process of creating a booming online business Wholesale2b announces the launch of their new Dropship On Amazon Plan. The plan takes the company’s vast selection of inventory for entrepreneurs to “push” to Amazon and turns it into a well-oiled machine complete with detailed product listings, tracking codes and daily updates on stock. Suffice it to say, the Wholesale2b dropship solution is the no-brainer approach to online sales.

Truly as simple as one, two, three the dropship company asks members to choose from over 1.5 million products to virtually fill their online stores. Never purchasing ahead of time members can push up to 10,000 products at one time to their online stores awaiting inventory. Before now sending products to Amazon was a tedious process of loading products manually or importing large files of data information on each product. When dealing with large inventories the process included additional man hours for the constant process of removing out of stock or discontinued products. Solving both issues the Dropship On Amazon Plan from Wholesale2b incorporates a tool that has automated the process right down to detailed product descriptions via pre-formatted data-feed files that meet Amazon’s requirements and sending daily updates on inventory. The tool takes the guesswork out of shipping as well by automatically sending tracking codes to Amazon once an order has been shipped to assure the release of their customer’s payment promptly. Simply stated, the tool allows members to build the list of products they want to sell from their Wholesale2b account and with one click push the entire list to the Amazon where it is then managed to the tiniest of detail.

Here’s what the team at Wholesale2b.com said of the Amazon dropship automated system, “Before it could be a hassle when trying to match UPC codes with Amazon’s ASIN numbers. We’ve done the legwork here too as we’ve matched all of our products with UPC codes with the proper ASIN numbers making listing on Amazon a whole lot easier. Basically we’ve thought of everything apart from how the seller will actually close the sale, that’s their expertise. We leave that to them.”

Completing a perfect circle, once a consumer buys a product online Amazon alerts the seller, the order history is updated automatically, the seller clicks an order button which signals Wholesale2b to notify the product’s supplier for immediate shipment and the sending of a tracking code alert back to Amazon. Wholesale2b has no minimum order stipulations and offers perks like MAP pricing protection, a watch list email alert for items out of stock, top selling item reports to keep an eye on the competition and performance reports on suppliers. All of this expert help can be attained for $37.99 per month or $287.99 per year for a discount of 40% off the monthly price. To make the process even smoother for sellers there is no setup fee for this service and all products offered by Wholesale2b are guaranteed the lowest prices in the marketplace.

About Wholesale2b
Wholesale2b is a dropship company helping online entrepreneurs worldwide; they provide over 1.5 million types of products to a ready marketplace. The company provides systems for supplying online sellers with product inventory, daily management of the inventory, and shipment to consumers. Wholesale2b offers dropship solutions for a seller’s hosted website and cart or various outlets like eBay and Amazon.

For more information visit http://www.wholesale2b.com. To connect on Facebook and Twitter click on http://www.facebook.com/w2bdropship, http://www.twitter.com/wholesale2b and http://www.youtube.com/user/w2bshop respectively.


Mike Fine