ApplenMicro - Pushing the Limits of Apparel by Asking, Who's on Your Hood


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- There has been popular demand for branded and designer clothing and for a very good reason. We are living in a society where celebrity status is craved by a lot of individuals, admiring them as their idols and trying to replicate their lifestyles. At the moment, it’s all about being known, being famous and setting yourself apart from the crowd. Among the celebrities nowadays designer clothing is a fashion statement to resemble they have a great fashion sense and people will imitate this. Designer clothing was rare in the past, in the sense that only the rich and famous would wear the likes of Louis Vutton, Gucci, Prada etc but now it seems everyone can easily afford these types of clothes, especially with cheap knock offs.

That’s where® comes in – a unique clothing company that offers a hooded product in which a chosen person's face (such as a celebrity or character) or even a logo is printed on both sides of the hood in full High Resolution color. So if you were looking for Marilyn Monroe clothing, they will be able to customise your hoodie and imprint a picture of Marilyn Monroe on both sides of your hood. They don’t just sell Marilyn Monroe hoodies; you can also get Betty Boop clothing & Greek clothing. They also offer Crazy Tees such as their trademarked Squeeze Me T™.

If you feel that they do not have what you are looking for then you could put in a custom request and they will cater to your needs. In a time where it is hard to stand apart from the crowd getting your very own customized hoodie from Whoodie® will allow you to differentiate yourself from the pack simply by flipping up the hood. The only question remaining is; who will you have on your hood?

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