Whoopass Enterprises

Whoopass Enterprises Launches Custom Bobbleheads to Celebrate Special Occasions

Whoopass Bobbleheads offer the largest variety of customizable bobblehead figures on the market today, with the best generated likenesses of any manufacturer.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2013 -- Bobbleheads are an amusing item to have in the office or in the back of the car. After the first bobbleheads were produced it was not long before effigies emerged of the famous and talented. Having a bobblehead figure in one’s own image was once considered a mark of fame and celebrity, and now that same feeling can be enjoyed by anyone thanks to the amazing work done by Whoopass Enterprises, a company that have chosen to specialize in the custom bobblehead- with a huge catalog of figurines that can be topped by a fully customized face.

The bobbleheads are larger than any competitor, at a whopping (or whooping) 8.5-9 inches tall. They are also modeled and painted with the keenest attention to detail in creating the likeness of a famous individual, family member or friend. The custom bobbleheads are then affixed to one of hundreds of bodies, from motorcyclists to baseball players to superheroes.

The custom bobble heads are produced in under two weeks in most cases, offering the quickest turnaround time of any competitor, and come at a flat fee that includes full customization of logos, bases, and distinctive features like tattoos and jewelry. The company even produce bride and groom bobbleheads to for a fun twist on the special day.

A spokesperson for Whoopass Enterprises explained, “The signature bobblehead is all things to all people- it’s an amusing gift, it’s for life and not just for Christmas, it’s a status symbol, it’s a commemorative item, and a little piece of immortality- when the person you’ve bought it for is old and grey they’ll still have a bobblehead of themselves in their prime, because these things last forever. They’re also supersized to maximize the amount of detail we can get on them.”

About Whoopass Enterprises
Whoopass Enterprises is the result of countless hours of beer-induced discussion between friends and countless product ideas that would surely take the consumer market by storm. After much deliberation, custom bobblehead dolls were selected as the sure-fire, can't miss next "it" product over other brilliant innovations such as the Swiss Army shovel, the car clothes rack and the solar powered cigarette lighter. As a result, the company now sells the widest variety of bobbleheads on the market. For more information, please visit: http://www.whoopassenterprises.com/