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Whoopass Enterprises Teams with ZombieMe to Create Custom Zombie Bobbleheads

Whoopass Enterprises, creators of the best bobbleheads in the universe, has teamed with ZombieMe to offer special Zombified custom bobbleheads in time for Christmas.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- Zombies have become iconic in popular culture, and a recent Facebook craze of zombifying ones face has made ZombieMe, the original concept creators, into a highly successful and profitable enterprise. On the other side of the web, Whoopass Enterprises were creating high quality custom bobbleheads that allowed people to turn themselves into a novelty figurine. These powers have now combined to bring the ultimate Christmas gift to the market- a personalized, zombified bobblehead figurine that can represent friends and family in an undead light.

The figurines are produced by Whoopass Enterprises, who have a huge variety of customizable figurines including couples figurines, job and scene themed figurines and more. The ZombieMe figurine comes with a special undead slope to the gait and can have the face modelled and painted to look like a dead version of the lucky recipient.

The figurines are being given priority posting in order to be delivered before Christmas and to celebrate the collaboration, Whoopass Enterprises have created a zombie custom bobblehead giveaway, offering a free ZombieMe bobblehead to one lucky winner who takes part in the online promotion. Already the release of the zombie custom bobbleheads has created a groundswell of excitement amid ZombieMe fans.

A spokesperson for Whoopass Enterprises explained, “ZombieMe has proven to be a hugely successful online diversion. Whether due to the cultural impact of everything from Troma to George Romero, the recent resurgence in The Walking Dead, or simply as a response to the glamour monsters of Twilight, zombies are now huge. Our partnership allows individuals to get an amazing quality, large size bobblehead of a zombified individual and have it delivered in time for Christmas, making it easily the coolest Christmas gift on the market right now.”

About Whoopass Enterprises
Whoopass Enterprises is the result of countless hours of beer-induced discussion between friends and countless product ideas that would surely take the consumer market by storm. After much deliberation, custom bobblehead dolls were selected as the sure-fire, can't miss next "it" product over other brilliant innovations such as the Swiss Army shovel, the car clothes rack and the solar powered cigarette lighter. As a result, the company now sells the widest variety of bobbleheads on the market. For more information, please visit: http://www.whoopassenterprises.com/