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Whoosh Traffic Upgraded Rank Tracker Saves Companies Time, Hassle with Daily Website Ranking Emails


Austin, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2011 -- Every day, millions of people use the popular search sites Google and Bing to find a variety of information on the Internet. And as most companies know, where their website appears on the results page heavily impacts the likelihood of being chosen as a person’s resource.

In fact, according to WhooshTraffic.com, if a company is not in the No. 1 position on the first page of results, their competition in that coveted spot may be getting nearly 40 percent more traffic for a particular keyword.

Given the importance of being ranked high on search engine results pages and the variety of keywords people can use on search engines, most companies spend countless hours checking their website’s status and position.

The tedious process of typing a list of keywords or phrases into Google and Bing to see where their website appears in search results has become all too familiar and frustrating for many business owners. WhooshTraffic.com helps businesses save time and valuable resources with one of the most effective and easy-to-use rank trackers on the market. The company’s advanced application scans Google and Bing for selected websites and keywords and sends customers a daily report with their rankings.

And now, Whoosh Traffic has upgraded their rank tracker with an application programming interface (API) that lets developers integrate their own web applications and track Google and Bing rankings for their clients within any software. Additionally, the improved rank tracker now supports Unicode, which allows customers to enter keywords and URLs in any language.

Hundreds of businesses currently use Whoosh Traffic’s rank tracker due to its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. The interface does not require companies to login to check their ranking. Instead, it sends a daily email report, freeing up time for business associates’ other duties.

According to Whoosh Traffic, the traditional method of manually searching Google and Bing and even other tracking programs have a host of drawbacks.

“If Google knows you own a particular website, or if your friends have shared your website via Twitter, your site will appear to have a higher ranking—but only for you,” states Whoosh Traffic’s CEO, Erica Douglass. “You may not be getting accurate results when you search for your own site in Google. That’s why our rank tracker impersonates someone who has never heard of your business before—just like most people who will be searching for your company online.”

Regarding other tracking programs, Douglass states, “The problem with [Windows-based] software is twofold: one, you have to either log into it every day or set up cumbersome ‘scheduled tasks’ to make sure it runs. And two–you have to be at your computer to see your rankings.”

Customers can also use Whoosh Traffic’s rank tracker to monitor their competitors’ placement with particular keywords.

Whoosh Traffic offers a free rank tracker plan, which includes tracking for one website, one keyword, and 30 days of email updates. Paid plans start at $9/month, and larger paid plans help SEO agencies and Fortune 500 companies monitor their clients’ website rankings. With flexible reporting options and advanced filtering techniques, Whoosh Traffic offers one of the most comprehensive rank tracker options on the web.

About Whoosh Traffic:
With more than 22 years of web development and SEO experience, the experts at Whoosh Traffic help small business owners increase their web traffic. The company offers advanced link building services to improve website ranking and a newly upgraded rank tracker which scans Google and Bing and provides daily email updates to customers. For more information, visit http://WhooshTraffic.com