Why Americans Are Not Buying Home Security Systems recently conducted a survey and found out the top reasons Americans are not investing in a home security system.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/20/2014 -- The home security market is worth nearly 40 billion dollars. New home security providers pop up every year and the big companies seem to increase their customer-base by thousands each year. However, there are still consumers who do not see the need to have a security or monitoring system installed in their home. (BHSC) collected over 1,000 responses nationwide and found the top five reasons consumers are not buying home security systems. The top reason Americans claimed they did not want a home security system was because they did not want to spend the money on something that is not deemed a necessity.

"There are horror stories out there of people having to pay thousands of dollars in equipment, installation, and monthly monitoring fees, which is why we believe this was the top reason consumers do not purchase home security packages," Carlie McKeon, BHSC PR Director, said. "What consumers may not know is that there are options out there that are both affordable and effective. They just need to find the right company."

Making up nearly 38.4% of the total survey, the consumers who do not want to spend the money on a home security system may be onto something. There are companies that will nickel and dime their clients, racking up as many up-front and service charges as they can. Other companies are transparent with how much they charge. The important thing for these clients to know is that there are different providers out on the market who have products that will not break the bank and still protect their home.

"There are several companies that allow consumers to install whatever equipment they want, provide home automation, and allow for personal monitoring from any device that will connect to the Internet," McKeon explained. "Consumers do not have to sign up with companies that charge high installation rates and monitoring fees anymore."

About 32.6% of responders claim that they live somewhere safe and do not need a home security system. While crime rates may be low in a specific area that does not mean crimes never happen.

"While a consumer may live somewhere safe, that does not guarantee they will not fall victim to a break-in," McKeon said. "Having an additional layer of protection is never a bad thing. Why risk losing valuable possessions and peace of mind?"

Other responses include consumers who believe they can protect their home on their own (14.2%), those who do not trust the security system will work (10.8%), and also people who had a negative experience with a home security company in the past (4%).

"Not everyone believes a home security system is a necessity," McKeon stated. "But for those who are worried about costs, technological failures, or do not believe they could ever fall victim to a burglary should look into different home security providers. We just want the consumer to know that they have options, and they are more than likely to find a home security system that fits their situation."

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