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Why Bad Things Are Happening to Innocent People


St. George’s, Grenada -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/18/2015 -- "Why do bad things happen to innocent people?" So many have asked this question. According to Dr. Nella Ann Roberts, author of Transform Your Life: 7 Steps to a Better Life, when God created human beings, he made us in his own image and likeness, spiritually. As such, human beings are very powerful. However, "One of the reasons why bad things are happening to innocent people is that many people do not know who they really are, how much power they have, and how to use it," Roberts says.

According to Roberts, when we take the time to learn who we really are and how to use the power of God within us, we can gain victory in many areas of our lives. Some people have already done this and have gained or are gaining victory in many areas of their lives. Others have also learned about the power they have and because God gave us freedom of choice, they use this power for evil instead of good.

The following is an excerpt from Roberts's book, Transform Your Life: 7 Steps to a Better Life, with examples of the effects people can have on each other's lives:

"You create your reality." Have you heard this statement before? Do you believe it? I hope not. Here is a similar statement: "You are responsible for all that happens to you." Have you heard this one also? Let us explore the validity of these statements by looking at a few examples—Patsy's, Peter's, and Pia's—and then go into more details on how we co-create our lives.

Patsy was the daughter of wealthy parents. She lived a life of luxury. She was always given everything she wanted until she was thirty years old. Did Patsy create her own reality? Clearly not. Did Patsy's parents create this life of luxury for her? Possibly, or it could have been other people. Because Patsy lived a life of luxury from birth to age thirty, she could not have created this luxury for herself from the time she was a baby.

Unlike Patsy, Peter was the son of poor parents who struggled to make a living. He despised poverty and was determined to succeed in life. He got a job, educated himself, worked hard, and eventually owned a large, successful business. He lived the life of his dreams. Did Peter create his own reality? It may seem that way, but he did not. The mere fact that he owned a large business means that he got help from others in one way or another. He had employees, customers, and others who were involved in his business, and this helped it to be successful.

Like Peter, Pia was also the daughter of poor parents who struggled to make a living. She also was determined to succeed in life. She set goals, prayed often, and asked others for help. However, Pia had an enemy, whose pseudonym is Lucina. Lucina told me she would do many things to hurt Pia. I did not believe her as I did not think they were humanly possible. Did they happen? They sure did, and as a result, Pia struggled for many years as she experienced the things Lucina did to her.

What Lucina did to Pia is just one example of how others affect us and the fact that we do not create our reality. We only create a part of it. Think about the many innocent people who lost their lives in the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001. Did they create their reality? Did the children who died on the American Airlines and United Airlines flights on that same day create their reality? They did not. What happened on that day was the work of someone who used his thoughts and other people to destroy many lives. Likewise, what happened with the two Malaysia Airlines flights in 2014 was also the work of someone who used his thoughts and other people to destroy others. As you can see from these examples, we do not create our reality; we co-create it…

We co-create things for ourselves, and we also co-create things for others, both good and bad. In addition to the evil Lucina did to Pia … she also did many other evil things to people all over the world. Lucina told me she would do many evil things to numerous people in the world, including me, my family, innocent people, children, famous people, and prominent leaders. She even described some in detail. Again, I did not believe her as I did not think any human being could do these things. Now I know.

Sadly, many of us were victims of Lucina's evils. Most of the things she said she would do happened. Some people were killed, and many others got hurt physically, emotionally, financially, and in other ways… [Lucina] uses many innocent people to do her evil deeds. Most of these innocent people are unaware of Lucina's work in their lives, and they do not know who Lucina is.

Transform Your Life: 7 Steps to a Better Life is available from booksellers such as, Barnes & Noble, and Waterstones. Ten percent of the author's royalties will be used to help the less fortunate.

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About Dr. Nella Ann Roberts
Dr. Nella Ann Roberts has a doctorate in adult education and human resource development from Florida International University. She is the Chief Executive Officer of High-Impact Consulting Group and has trained, developed and helped many people become more successful in business and in life. She lives and works in the Caribbean.

Dr. Nella Ann Roberts