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Why Give 100%? - I Just Work Here: Invaluable New Book Gives Insight Into What We Are Really Working For.

While every working person gets frustrated with their job, a compelling new book by John Graham reminds people what they are working for and why making a positive difference can be the quickest ticket to pride and motivation.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2012 -- While most people only have one career, statistics prove they will likely have many different jobs. However, with disenfranchising and complacency often resulting in negative consequences, many have come to learn that today’s dues are tomorrow’s dividends.

Nobody believes this more than John Graham, a leading Employee Productivity Expert who is providing new-found inspiration for the working millions with his new book, ‘Why Give 100%? – I Just Work Here’.


“Why give 100% - It is your career. Every job has its challenges and can lead you to question yourself. But when times are tough, remember - the dues you pay today are tomorrow's dividends. Make a positive difference every place you work and you will always look back with pride. You only have one career, but during your career you will likely have multiple jobs even if you desire to have only one. Think 'big picture' but along the way - make every step count.”

As the author explains, a gentle reminder can change the world for those becoming frustrated with their career.

“Frustration is totally natural; it’s something everyone experiences. However, a reminder about what and who people are working for can change their entire outlook, resurface their motivation and help them begin to gain true perspective and enjoyment at work,” says Graham, who has diligently studied the patterns of many workforces.

He continues, “This is the book for anyone who feels that their career’s spark has gone, or for those wanting to gain a better understanding of how their working effort directly affects all other areas of their lives.”

The book is perfect for those who feel they are stuck in a rut, unsure about where their career is going or for those feeling overworked and underappreciated by their peers and management. On the same note, many young people embarking on their first careers are praising Graham’s publication for the vital preparation it is giving them for the world of work.

Since its launch, ‘Why Give 100%?” has garnered a consistent string of five-star reviews.

“This is a great book for anyone in the workforce. Great tips for someone just starting out and also as a refresher for those long-time employees. Easy and entertaining read. Mr. Graham get the points across in an easy to relate to manner. Highly recommend this book!” says F. Martin, who reviewed the book on Amazon.

Another reader, Mary, used the book to great effect within her own company. She said that the book was, “very easy to read and very to the point. We had all of our management team read the book along with certain staff members. We had each person identify 3-4 points in the book that spoke to them. I would recommend this book as another tool for managers to use to have the group look at the big picture on how they can contribute to their professional success and the success of the company.”

With all of the success his book is enjoying, Graham refuses to lose sight of its underlying message.

“This book isn’t just about improving your working life. As the world of work directly affects everyone’s personal lives, see it as a vital improvement tool for life in general. It’s powerful stuff,” he concludes.

“Why Give 100%? – I Just Work Here”, published by Studiojules, is available now from Amazon: http://amzn.to/TzDGZd

About the Author
John F. Graham is an Employee Productivity Expert focused on engaging employees with leadership & communication principles. He shares a unique vision which aligns strategy, processes & people:

- Top Management sets the strategic direction for the organization
- Middle Management defines and perfects the processes, and
- Motivated employees run the processes to achieve the strategic goals.

You will frequently hear John saying, “We don’t need leadership at the top; we need leadership everywhere.” He promotes an employee mind-set which creates enthusiastic dedication, regardless of business uncertainties. John’s latest book: “Why Give 100%, I Just Work Here” - is being very well received and some client CEO’s have made it mandatory reading.