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Why Glass Doesn't Cut It Anymore - 5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Smart Glass


Sherbrooke, QC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2015 -- Have you changed your environment around to include more glass? Many have jumped into favouring glass recipients over plastic…but more drastic changes can be seen in today's architectural use of glass in houses and institutional buildings. Indeed, glass has revolutionized dark, damp buildings and lighting in our interiors.

Extensive usage of glass technologies in our modern living environments has revolutionized our modern-day living standards

Nonetheless, here is 5 reasons why regular glass doesn't cut it anymore:

1 Turn off transparency: one of the main advantages of glass is its transparency, adding fabulous lighting, as well as optically increasing space. But transparency 24/7 can be a double-edged sword: from being a permanent showcase to your neighbours to lack of privacy for sensitive hospital operations, confidential business meetings, glass environment are not always very flexible. Smart glass allows you to switch to opaque in one click or according to automatically pre-set rules.

2 Eco-friendly and Heat-A/C Conserving: On a sun-blazing summer day, the more heat enters in your building, the more A/C you'll have to use, which produces a lot of energy waste, money gaspillage and harms the environment. Inefficient windows = wasted energy. Here are some facts:

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 25% to 35% of energy wasted in buildings is due to inefficient windows

The California Energy Commission estimates that around 40% of a typical building's cooling requirements are due to solar heat gain through windows

Smart glass can reflect about all the light, including damaging UV rays whereas it uses less than 1% of a single incandescent lamp. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), experiments have proved that smart glass can reduce electricity consumption for cooling by up to 49 percent; lower peak electrical power demand by up to 16 percent; and decrease lighting costs by up to 51 percent.

3 Lighting control: Excessive exposure to sunlight can even accelerate fading of carpets, furniture and other valuable artwork from. Smart glass allows to precisely control the amount of lightning desired.

4 Aesthetics: Smart Glass is a cool new look for home and business environments. It definitely adds a "wow" effect, way beyond what curtains, electric blinds or any other current product in the market. Those of us interested in interior design may think of those as appealing but in reality, they're in most cases just a visual nuisance. Smart glass can also be integrated into centralized residential home automation or building automations systems and applications.

5 Sanitary and easy maintenance: Not only do they accumulate dust easily, regular blinds, shades and curtains are parasite attractors. Many hospitals and healthcare institutions are switching to smart glass for more sanitized and bacteria-free environments.

"The brilliant thing is that not only do you save energy with these windows, but they allow you to scale back the HVAC, so you save money"


It's not everyday we get to remodel and revamp our living and working environments. Food, clothing and shelter are our most basic human needs. In an era when technology has taken over every field, shouldn't it also improve the spaces where we spend most of our time?

Smart glass technologies can be considered a real breakthrough and the time to switch to switchable smart glass is NOW!

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