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Why Having Legal Support Can Make All the Difference, Even in Everyday Situations


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2019 -- While public esteem for lawyers remains low – with only 18% of respondents to a 2013 survey saying they thought lawyers contribute "a lot" to society – a lawyer can be very helpful across a wider range of scenarios than one might think.

Every day, many Americans buy or sell a house. Also on a regular basis, new businesses are created – estimates point at more than half a million starting up each year. Then there are the wills left behind that require property to be dispersed among surviving relatives. These are all cases that need a lawyer.

Dan E Martens is a Texas real estate attorney who also covers the areas of civil litigation, business law, and estate planning and probate law. With more than 40 years' experience in his field – Dan Martens has practiced law in Texas since 1974 – he has a depth of knowledge across numerous areas of law that can prove valuable to clients.

"When people consider hiring a lawyer, the first thing they probably think of is the cost, which in turn makes them question whether they need a lawyer in the first place," said a spokesperson for Dan E Martens.

"It is common for lawyers to be solely associated with dramatic court cases and complex legal situations, which many people might have seen on TV. The truth is that lawyers play a vital role in everyday situations that affect millions of Americans on a regular basis.

"The team at Dan E Martens have experience across a wide range of areas, which gives us a flexible set of skills to assist clients with their needs. The most regularly-occurring of these is help with real estate – while buying and selling homes is common practice in the US, there are usually major transactional amounts in play, and it pays to have an experienced real estate attorney on your side."

Whether supporting a client with a purchase or a sale, the Dan E Martens team can provide specific skill-sets to ensure the process goes through as smoothly as possible. This includes casting an expert eye over the complex legal documentation that is nevertheless fundamental in the purchase or sale of a home. Such documentation is notoriously tricky to navigate, with legal jargon to wade through, so having a real estate specialist on hand to check the contractual terms, while also looking out for any problems or liabilities with the property, can be a priceless safety net for the average everyday home owner or buyer.

"The fundamental thing about law is that it rarely sits still," added the spokesperson. "So while our team has built up decades of experience in Texas law across real estate, business law, civil litigation and probate law, they regularly maintain this knowledge and expertise to keep abreast of new developments.

"Ultimately we take a human approach to working with our clients. Law is an intricate profession and it would be all too easy to lose sight of how much it affects people's everyday lives. At Dan E Martens we get to grips with the story behind each case, ensuring that clients know we are right beside them from beginning to end."

About The Dan E Martens legal team
The Dan E Martens legal team is based in Dallas, Texas and Plano, Texas, and can be contacted on (972) 335-3888. The website is at http://www.danielmartens.com/