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Why Hotels Need to Integrate Apple Pay to Stay Competitive


Hertford, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/06/2015 -- Considering the way the hotel industry is moving with keyless check-in and an increasing guest reliance on booking reviews, the integration of Apple Pay makes perfect sense to create the perfect guest experience, says NFS Technology Group.

Apple Pay is a payment system recently introduced in the UK with increasingly widespread adoption that allows consumers to effectively use their iPhone to pay for all products and services.

With the Marriott Hotel being the first to adopt the technology, NFS has the booking and management software ready to help independent hotels and smaller groups to take advantage of the latest payment system and integrate into everyday activity to present a great customer experience.

Luis de Souza, CEO of NFS Technology Group says: "As hotel brands move to keyless check-in and out, people will rely on their phone from booking a hotel through to leaving a review, bypassing the front desk completely, even using their phone as their room key. This leaves front desk staff to focus on creating a great customer service instead of focusing on processes that can be completed by technology."

"Apple Pay is a natural step in offering customers a more efficient stay, that also adds another level of security with (PCI) compliance. In fact, it speaks volumes that the Marriott group is one of the first brands to jump on offering Apple Pay as the Millennial generation considers it to be a 'parent's brand' and yet they are at the forefront of mobile technology.

"Other hotels who may be cautious of the issues surrounding security and integration of the technology will simply miss out on the competitive advantage of presenting such a seamless guest experience."

About NFS roomMaster
NFS roomMaster is designed as a future proof integrated solution, ready to adopt secure mobile payments such as Apple Pay and seamlessly operate with POS systems already in place to optimize the guest experience.

roomMaster drives revenue through a commission free online booking engine, delivers real time management information straight to a mobile and handles all aspects of F&B, Spa and Events. Integrated yield management drives the best rates and maximises late room sales.

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