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Why It Is Essential to Hire Qualified Personal Trainer in Australia

Hiring A Qualified And Skilled Personal Trainer Sydney Is The Key To Your Success In Losing Weight & Regaining The Lost Strength.


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2012 -- Obesity and overweight have become a universal concern. Australia is considered as sixth largest country in the world by area and amazingly, more than 17 millions Australians are either obese or overweight. It has been ranked as one of the fattest nations in the developed countries, according to an astonishing report published by Monash University Obesity and Diabetes Institute in Science Journal.

The prevalence of overweight and obesity has doubled in the past twenty years in Australia and health experts believe if the obesity continues to increase at the present rate, more than 80% of adults and a third children in Australia will be obese by 2020. Obesity is undoubtedly one of the biggest threat and risk to public health in Australia.

These staggering stats will make every Australian to consider for a personal trainer Sydney and lose substantial amount of unwanted fat from the body as soon as possible in order to stay fit and health for the rest of the life.

Reading online weight loss guides, videos, suggestions, webinars and eBooks will never help you gain the results successfully and only a personal trainer Sydney, who is qualified and experienced, will be able to help you to shed weight in very short span of time quickly and safely as possible

The best aspect of Australia’s famous personal trainer Sydney, Dan Clay is that he have designed a unique fitness system, which is blended with extreme exercise session and exhilarating fun, which cannot be find anywhere in the entire Australia. These distinctive factors have made Dan Clay, the most popular and most sought fitness personal trainer in Sydney.

Killian Donnelly, who participated in the one of the fitness challenges organized by personal trainer Sydney Dan Clay, says, "In 6 weeks I lost 16 kilos, 16% of my total bodyweight, 16cm round my chest, 16.5cm round my waist, 9.5cm round my hips and 18cm off my thighs."

Sydney personal trainers employs ideal weight-loss exercises and sessions in order to get perfect results. The rigorous fitness sessions will helpparticipants to lose considerable amount of unwanted fats in very little span of time. However, credit to this unique approach, now residents of Sydney can lose weight and stay fit as well as healthy for the rest of their life.

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Dan Clay, who is the owner of Dangerously Fit Boot Camp is qualified personal trainer in Sydney, has dedicated and experienced team of fitness trainers, who have helped scores of individuals to reach their weight loss goals and maintain a high level of fitness well beyond their expectations.