Why Me Lord? - the Story of a Soldier Lost in Combat and Believed Dead

A crazy thing happened on my way to fight a war. I suddenly became a living ghost.


Palatka, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- Why Me Lord is the story of a soldier lost in combat and believed dead. Suffering from amnesia he miraculously survives in the jungles of South Vietnam for 5 years. He cheats death many times and avoids capture by the enemy. He believes guardian angels protected him throughout his life. He must start his life anew without a name. In actuality he became a living ghost.

While traveling across America in a boxcar in the 1980s I met many hobos. What was so alarming to me was the fact many were veterans from the Vietnam War. These were not only enlisted men, but officers as well. I met lieutenants, captains and even a major. Men who could not adapt to the society they once knew before the war, were now left to fend for themselves the only way they knew how. The atrocities they witnessed in battle was more than their mortal minds could deal with. Instead of the heroes welcome our soldiers receive now, these men were cursed at, spit on and became hated men simply because they were drafted and forced to participate in a war many felt we had no reason for being there.

These modern day nomads drifted about aimlessly in search of their own selves once again. Many committed suicide as an alternative to the life they now felt they were forced to try and survive in. There was a rinky-dink medical group formed to help these returning soldiers cope with life, but very few knew how to even go about getting it. There was quite a lot of red tape a soldier needed to go through to get help. They would need their discharge papers and in certain cases they needed to be referred and approved before they could receive any help at all. Most of the veterans I met burned their discharge papers in disgust because of the way their country was repaying them. Read Why Me Lord and see a side of America the rest of the world never knew existed.

April 25, 2013
Wayne Bryant
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